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  • Your new iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max needs a portable, foldable, or even rollable keyboard

    Those mini keyboards are enviable, I’m like that little girl and nearly ordered one just now, but on reflection I actually like the texture, and even the size, of the existing onscreen iOS keyboards.  At least that is on the iPhone and iPad mini — my full size iPad is too big for typing with my thumbs, and I don’t find it great to touchtype on the flat glass, so I mostly use iPad for reading and occasionally drawing.  I would love to use my phone keyboard to type on the iPad, but there’s no app I’ve managed to find that does that, I suspect its not possible for the two devices to work together like that. 

    Portrait typing on the iPhone is limited by the tiny portrait screen space and the extra lines occupied by the keyboard. Landscape is far
    worse with a tiny slit of display remaining.  Unusable really.  I know an external keyboard would free up the whole screen but the landscape text box you’re pondering as you write still seems too narrow.
    So I look forward to trying out the new iPhone Xs Max in a month or so, when my upgrade time comes.  It seems somehow irresponsible  to pay off  those unused months just for the sake of getting the new one now... though its
    tempting for sure!  I satisfied my quantum of technolust by ordering the Watch 4, which will tide me over. 
  • From top secret to best seller: the story of the Apple Watch

    Cellular watches. 

    Here in the UK just one company offers a second sim for the cellular Apple Watch 3 - EE.  From what I have read this is not because Apple have given EE the contract, which is what most people assume.  It is the technology involved, which only they have, and the situation isn’t likely to change very quickly.  So if you want to use a cellular Apple watch in UK it has to be with EE, which is pants. 

    It’d be nice if AppleInsider could report on how the technology works and why it is only certain companies have it.