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  • Breaking down Apple's AirPods Pro: 8 features that set them apart

    Why is nobody talking about the sound quality?  Yeah, I'm sure the noise cancellation is handy, but what's the sound quality like compared to the prior AirPods or other wireless earbuds on the market?
    Mine arrived this afternoon and i can only be subjective, but compared to my airpods 2 the sound quality seems much more detailed.  The noise cancellation probably accounts for a lot of that, but there’s more.. the bass seems way better.  
    They are comfortable to wear and also IMO look less quirky - I’m pleased. 
    The fit is also more solid with the silicon tips - Giving them a squeeze with gloves on might well be possible depending on what kind of gloves you’re wearing
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  • Bill Gates suggests tech companies like Apple 'deserve' tough questioning

    Yes many of you seem not to have read the article and are going off on a preprogrammed rant (the pic is a bit provocative I have to say). Bill Gates isn’t excluding Microsoft from companies who ‘deserve tough questioning’.  In this case he’s aligning with Apple and the other main tech companies, and just saying ‘when you get this big that is inevitable’ 
  • Hands on with the 40mm women's Hermes Apple Watch Series 4

    As a guy I found the headline annoying having been very happy with the smaller watch 3 for the whole of last year.  With the 4, however, I’ve  now changed to the bigger size simply because the battery life was so noticeably poorer on the ’women’s’ size.  Now of course I like it big... that headline grated though! 
  • Everything we know about the 'iPhone 14 Pro' so far

    mikeinca said:
    You can also get rid of the bump by making the phone thicker, no new tech needed 
    Would we accept a thicker phone? I think we would after a decade dedicated to thinness. I’m sure many disagree but I like my thicker Macbook Pro - it’s as elegant a new design in its way as what went before.  And with the iPhone, the extra space inside has potential. 

    An increased thickness should not be over chunky - elegance and lightness are very important in a phone. But it would seem possible to find a middle way. 

    The question is, how thick would iPhone need to be to accommodate the next generation cameras?
  • iPhone 13 mini review: The most powerful small smartphone on the market

    I've had the mini 12 all year.  I just returned the 13 Pro that arrived on Friday, and that I'd been lusting after for months,  and ordered a mini once again. It arrives tonirrrow via Amazon, this time with 256gb. 

    I thought I wanted the bigger screen and camera, but as a user since the 3, the new phones seem extra chunky and heavy.  For a phone (and also the camera, despite the lack of bells and whistles), the mini is far more useable. I make teaching videos on a daily basis and the 12 I had was fine for that, apart from the terrible 64gb memory.  I now have the new mini iPad as well so that can provide the screen size I was missing for writing. 

    So I've gone back,  now I appreciate how good what I had was. 
  • Apple TV with camera and built-in HomePod speaker reportedly in the works

    Is it possible Apple might be considering competing in the software space?  Zoom could be much improved on. FaceTime has a foot in the door. 
  • Here's how the five-hour Amsterdam Apple Store standoff played out

    I’m not surprised they hit him hard.  He appeared to have an explosive belt and he was pursuing the hostage with a gun. 

    Jeez, I know that apple store. It was where I bought my first Mac and converted from Windows!