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  • Europe coming after Apple's App Store with Digital Markets Act

    Well, not the end of the world. Apple has already a working macOS app model in place.

    (x) Allow only apps from AppStore
    (_) Allow apps from third party app stores. 

    And that's it. No legislator can interfere with the user's choice of privacy and system protection.
  • Apple drops PostScript support in Preview for macOS Ventura

    rob53 said:
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    JWSC said:
    Does this indicate Adobe’s decline in relevance?  Years ago I was all in on Adobe.  But they priced themselves out of the non-commercial market and I dropped them like a hot potato.
    What a weird take. But I get it, you just wanted to old-man-at-clouds about Adobe's subscription pricing. Go ahead and review every other structured drawing program on the Mac or iOS. Guess what file format they all use—some of them wrapped in their own file package, but they're all EPS at the core. It's *the* mathematical model for object drawing.

    More I'd say it indicates's decline in relevance. 
    I wouldn't say drawing programs on macOS use EPS at its core but every printer uses Postscript as its print file. PDF files are simply a combination of images and Postscript codes. Does this mean that Ventura Preview doesn't support the opening of PDF files? There has to be some reason Apple isn't talking about this limitation. The support file only says what's in the AI article. I have to wonder if you simply change the extension of a Postscript file to .pdf and see if it opens. This has nothing to do with any perceived Adobe decline, they will be around forever because PDF is a standard and Adobe wrote it. The non-commercial market isn't what keeps major applications around, it's the commercial market.
    PDF is based on PostScript but a PDF file is different from .ps file. A .ps file is printer-dependent, PDF is printer-independent. Since .ps is generated by the printer driver, it includes all the setup environment specific to the printer and it will fail on another printer. Preview is PDF, it cannot be otherwise because Quartz, the very graphic core of macOS, is based on PDF. So PDF is intrinsic to macOS and it will remain so until another graphic model replaces Quartz.
  • Apple drops PostScript support in Preview for macOS Ventura

    .ps and .eps formats are no longer significant since service bureaus prefer PDF since almost two decades. Legacy graphic libraries and clip-art may be well converted with other utilities and applications. Not the end of the world. Meanwhile Preview is a handy utility for many tasks, it should be maintained.
  • Apple rumored to be testing macOS for M2 iPad Pro

    I'd be happy to see it, but here's what Apple said on a nearly identical question:
    I'd be happy to see it, but here's what Apple said on a nearly identical question:
    This is not the same. That was about the convergence of iOS and macOS. The issue is full macOS on a tablet Mac. Some Touch-suitable UI elements have been already ported from iOS to macOS. This is not convergence. As long as the architectures remain different, we can’t talk about convergence. And the tablet Mac may feature more ports, more I/O, more drivers and so on…
  • Apple rumored to be testing macOS for M2 iPad Pro

    A Touch UI based macOS is not a dream, but a possibility. So Apple’a port of macOS to the iPad would be a great and respectable endeavor that every Mac enthousiast would embrace. I can well imagine a Finder lying behind this on-screen keyboard, showing a folder name touch-selected, ready to be replaced by what I type on my iPad keyboard. Actually a touch-selection can well replace a mouse-selection in terms of accuracy. The problem was the multi-tasking performance compromise introduced by multiple overlapping windows, but macOS has already resolved this issue by full-screen windows and the swipe gesture to navigate between them. That feature is just waiting for an iPad powerful enough to handle Mac-like true multitasking, the power of M2 makes this problem obsolete. Wouldn’t a tablet Mac kill the iPad? Well, not necessarily. The iPad  may continue to survive with the A series, and the tablet Mac may thrive on the M series, iPadOS and macOS being their respective OS. 

    What is the rationale of keeping the iPad and iPad OS then? iPad OS is a historical achievement. Apple has always carried the concern of simplifying the user interface. On Mac OS Classic it was called MiniFinder, then later, AtEase. On Mac OS X there was a simplified Finder until Leopard, if I remember correctly.