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  • Test suggests 2018 MacBook Pro can't keep up with Intel Core i9 chip's thermal demands

    This isn’t me. Lots of people hold up the Dell XPS as a top of the line Windows PC. Some even claim it’s better than a Mac. I’m just pointing out that it too has throttling issues so this isn’t just Apple and it’s obsession with thinness. And if Apple had upended their mid-design cycle with a thicker and heavier laptop Marco Arment and his ilk would have been happy but all the tech writers and hipsters over at the Verge would’ve been hating on Apple for going backwards. I remember everyone complaining about the 3rd gen iPad getting thicker and heavier.
    Why does one company doing something stupid excuse another? The XPS is a well built windows laptop however Dell had no business putting the i9 into that and the same goes for Apple. They both knew it would throttle.

    Putting hardware into a thermal envelope that cannot come anywhere near handling it is not ok. Some limited throttling is tolerable on locked chips as long as they still get near their potential for intended uses. But if you're going to put an unlocked chip in a machine it needs thermal headroom. Otherwise it's just a deceitful money grab.

    Shame on both Dell and Apple for this nonsense.
    I’m going to wait for reviews. People need to stop being hysterical before even one proper review has landed. Has software even been optimized for this machine? Should we judge it based on one application that has never been known to be optimized for Macs? If someone absolutely has to use Premire perhaps a Mac isn’t the best laptop for them.
    There is nothing to optimize, it's literally the same core architecture as the last generation. this is yet another intel Tick, not a tock.