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  • As ax awaits Apple's AirPort, wide swath of Netgear routers found subject to serious vulnerability

    First thing I did when I got my r7000 router, years ago is install dd-wrt software for all the extra features.  Just tested and it's working fine, no vulnerabilities.
  • Apple's BeatsX earphones officially delayed until February

    Really wanted these but ended up getting airpods.  Gonna give airpods a try for a few weeks and return them back to apple, I have a feeling I'm not gonna like them, cause earpods are rather uncomfortable for me after an hour or so, and you can't hear anything in the subway generally due to lack of noise isolation.   Hopefully apple can surprise me with them, so I don't have to return them.
  • IBM deploying 1,300 Macs per week, Apple users need much less support than PC counterparts

    Wow, I figured that out 10 years ago.  As a techie, people used to always ask me what to buy, after owning a white macbook, I told everyone to pay a little more and get a macbook, and never have problems with malware and viruses, which was the biggest problem at that time.  So far the only problems I heard is my friends 17" macbook HD crashed, he replaced it with SSD to fix it, that's it.
  • Mophie debuts modular Hold Force case for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, but no headphone jack

    am I the only one who thinks this is stupid, how is this different than just buying 3 different case each for diffn't occasion?
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  • Apple's iPhone 7 camera tops competition despite smaller sensor in DxOMark review

    I've risked my well being comparing iphone 7 plus with the explosive galaxy 7 Note, and without a doubt Samsung has a much better camera.  The striking thing was auto-focus, on Samsung its instant on the 7 it felt very slow in comparison.  This is why many of photos you take quickly are blurry on the iPhone, if you take the time it comes out great.  Especially evident when you take pics of kids running, or just objects moving.  Its also better when you are taking video, as you move around the camera it focuses so quickly, so the video is clear. I've actually considered switching to android, and prolly would've if it wasn't for their shoddy quality, specifically explosive batteries.  About 4-5 years ago, I tried switching to an Android device, and I've got a first Nexus phone at the day of the launch, which I've returned 2 weeks later, problems were the phone was rebooting if I was on the phone, and I got a text message, yeah the quality was that bad, and unlike most people on here I actually use my phone to talk.  So when people tell me that the tech in an iphone hardware is superior, they are talking out of their a##, its the software that is superior, everything else the screen, the weight, the battery life, ergonomics, and camera are firmly in the 2nd place!!!

    This reviewers video concurs camera quality!