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  • 2019 iPhone predicted to have triple-lens camera with super-wide lens, improved selfie cam...

    If these rumors are true, it will unfortunately not be like what Oppo unvealed recently: 
    For the last 6 years, I was actually hoping Apple would introduce a periscopic zoom... We'll have to wait for the quality, as soon as this is mass production-ready of course, but it seems the future of zooming to me...
  • Justice and governance can be blind, but willful tech ignorance by them is hurting us

    Arrogance and ignorance is dangerous because someone who has both will never learn anything. 

    I don’t know if you came up with this quote yourself, but I think its brilliant.
  • New iPad Pro benchmarks are very close to the 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro

    If this is legit, then there're people at Intel pissing their pants right now... 
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  • Proposed law will force Apple, Amazon, Netflix to produce 30% of streamed video in the EU

    SES Rock said:
    foljs said:
    Useless government intrusion.  Stop interfering with tech, losers.
    Losers don't dictate terms. Winners do.

    And we don't want some idiots in Silicon Valley to monopolize our content with their BS.

    Just like we don't let our cops shoot us randomly just because they felt like it.

    Here we're the home of the actually free. 

    Silicon valley produces zero entertainment.  Hollywood does.

    Our cops don't shoot anyone randomly.  But they do shoot a very few people that are resisting arrest and threatening the cop's lives.

    You just think that you are actually free.  And in reality most Americans live a higher standard of living than most Europeans!  It's true the Europeans do have more vacation days per year and a few more Europeans have health care benefits, but that's pretty much the extent of the advantages Europeans have over the US.
    I remember quite some movies about cops shooting unarmed teens in the back. Or emptying their guns on them, while they were already laying harmlessly on the floor. Oh wait: they were resisting their arrest... right. 

    What is it you mean with ‘higher standards‘? Bigger tv’s? Bigger cars? Cheaper gasoline? Huge malls? A huge, almost exclusive, choice in fast food? Freedom to carry guns? School shootings? Trump?

    Or do well maintained roads, nice architecture, cozy terraces, surprising neighbourhoods, tiny winding roads, and cops that do not shoot before asking questions, not count in your worldview of ‘higher standard‘?

    I’m loving my (American invented, China made) iPhone, MacBook, etc. And the American made Netflix series “The Americans”, “Breaking Bad” and “House of Cards”.  And I thanks you Americans for that. 
    But please don’t embarrass me and your fellow Americans with your ignorance and lack of knowledge about other cultures. And start watching some Scandinavian, French, Italian, Spanish or other series, before spreading you ignorance. 
    Free tip: Start with the Spanish Netflix original “La Casa de Papel” (in Spanish with English subtitles, of course)
  • Proposed law will force Apple, Amazon, Netflix to produce 30% of streamed video in the EU

    Cmirda said:
    It is nonsense after nonsense from EU!! If anybody does not like hollywood BS content, simply do not watch it! Why we need EU government to tell us what to watch on TV? I am from small EU country and have strong impression about incompetent people there in Bruxelles, who probably have never visited my country and do not know anything about what ordinary people want...
    You apparently don’t understand both the story and the proposed law.

    The EU is not telling us what we want to watch. They’re telling streaming services (lots of them being American companies) not to be lazy and reselling American content, but also to invest money in original local (European) content. 

    Before streaming services existed, local television stations were the main content distributors. So a large part was locally produced content.
    Now, with the rise of large streamers like Netflix, HBO and Amazon, we as European citizens are flooded with American content. Which is ok, but shouldn’t be the only choice; at least I don’t want to be ‘forced’ to watch that. 
    Furtunately Netflix is already doing a great job in producing local content. HBO and Amazon not so much, yet. 

    So the proposed law is actually a good thing, giving Europeans more to choose from, and European actors a larger change of earning some money too. And eventually this will benefit the Americans too, because they’ll probably diversify their viewing habits with some more European content... (and there are A LOT of amazing European movies and series, really!).