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  • Samsung posts weakest profit since 2016 because of weak chip, smartphone markets

    Does anyone else ever think that if the DOD or the US Military decided to pull out of South Korea, Samsung would be screwed? In a weird way Apple has to compete against (and work with), a company that’s subsidized by the US tax payers. Maybe I’m taking things way too far. 
  • Apple earns $58B in revenue as services hit all-time high of $11.5B

    Cue the YouTube critics. “Apple is done. Everyone is switching to Android. The iPhone 11 renders are ugly. The iPad Pro is a toy. But Apple revenue is up. Meanwhile every Samsung Fold given to reviewers has broken, and Huawei has been caught faking photos yet again, this time enhancing pictures you take of the moon with pre-existing images of the moon stored in a database. But that’s ok because Apple is doomed.”
  • Elizabeth Warren confirms Apple is on her big tech breakup list

    Why Facebook? They’re doing a good job of chasing away customers on their own. I cant
    stand Facebook but it makes no sense to break them up.

    The only company that might be monopolistic is Google. But that’s only because the indexed internet basically goes through Google. And they use that position, and Android (yes I said it), to collect information on the public for profit. I mean that IS their rasion dtre. But that’s not a reason to break up Google. If people can’t break away from Google om their own then they just don’t want to. (And they and Samsung DID steal tbe iPhone, just sayin” - sorry off topic). 

    Amazon? Hmmm. Can no one compete with Amazon as a whole? Companies do compete with Amazon in markets, (Newegg, B&H). I don’t see that taking away some Amazon services would change much. 
  • Elizabeth Warren confirms Apple is on her big tech breakup list

    Just another politician who doesn’t use the technology that they’re going to be responsible for changing. Yes, Apple sells FCPX and Logic X on the App Store. FCPX isn’t keeping video editors from using Resolve if they want to. The App Store may give Apple a slight promotional edge over old school Mac DAWs like MOTU’s Digital Performer, but Apple’s come back in the late ‘90s may have saved MOTU and other companies from going down with the mothership. And Logic isn’t keeping me from using Digital Performer (which is my DAW of choice, not Logic although I use it some). 

    Bottom line. Apple selling a few apps on the App Store does in NO WAY interfere with 3rd party sales. PERIOD! I can’t think of one iOS app made by Apple that I’ve ever paid for, or had to pay for. And every non OS critical or security critical app has 3rd party equivalents in the App Store that many people choose to use. Google Chrome for example. Or some of the paid for apps like Cubasis 2 (a competitor to GarageBand which I paid for and use). 

    Besides most people realize that half of Apple’s apps are simpler versions of apps that 3rd parties have done better, or are full featured (Pages, Numbers and Keynote), and these are free anyway. Or these are apps that are filling a very niche market, (macOS Server, Apple Configurator). How many times have Apple made it clear that they’re not an app company? Jobs said it a million times. When they do build apps it’s usually to jump start a market or because no developer has met their basic standards for what an app should be like. Airport was the hardware equivalent of this strategy. When the market matured Apple dropped Airport (and I wish they hadn’t).

    I don’t think Warren and people like her have a clue how little these apps add to the bottom line. They’re valuable in that they place a competitive app into a market they want to see grow. These apps sell the idea of macOS as a platform. And macOS helps sell the hardware. That’s were Apple makes their money. But Apple rarely has the best app or the standard in any category. FCPX and in a way Logic are the only two and their competition isn’t hurting. IT HELPS THE COMPETITION. This goes all the way back to the Claris days. I was at Apple back then, I would know. 

    I doubt she she even consulted with anyone about this. 
  • Apple considering WWDC Mac Pro reveal, expansion of 'Project Marzipan'

    Truly, a very important event for Apple and the user base. Here’s hoping that the Pro Workflow Team has been working with the right people. It seems they have. We’ll now see.