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  • One month later: iPhone XS versus the iPhone XS Max

    I guess with Apple probably killing off the iPad mini...the iPhone XS Max kinda fills in the gap. Even tho the XS Max is not an iPad, I can see why Apple felt the iPad mini wasn’t needed anymore. Still I wish they’d update the mini one last time with pencil support.

    but when my beloved iPad mini dies, I will probably get an iPhone XS Max for my next iPhone. I’m a big guy with big hands, so i’d Definitely go with the Max over the XS. Plus i’d Miss my iPad mini, so it makes sense. But I could see where others prefer the regular XS...or even the smaller SE. There’s no right or wrong, it’s all good. 

    I’ll also nab one of the upcoming bezel-less iPad pros with face ID as my next iPad for doing serious work on. 
  • Unsurprisingly, the 2019 iPhones are expected to be as waterproof as the iPhone XR

    I don’t care about improving the iPhone water resistance further. I think it’s fine right now. What I would like to see is for Apple to apply the same water resistance on their iPads. I travel & backpack a lot. The iPad is my go to device for editing photos & videos while on the road. I do protect my iPad when traveling abroad, but it would be nice to have the extra peace of mind a water resistant iPad would bring while backpacking thru a downpour.
  • Adobe announces Photoshop CC for iPad, debuts Premiere Rush CC iMovie competitor and CC up...

    For all those who said the iPad isn’t and will never be an iPad replacement... 
  • Apple's iPhone XR will launch with an official clear plastic case

    Hey, I love Apple. And i gladly pay a premiuim for their electronics. But i do draw the line at covers & cases. It’s not about the money as much as its about the principle. Again, i am the biggest Apple fanboy there is, but come on...their cases aren’t leagues better than 3rd party cases like their devices & software are from the competition. They just aren’t. $40 for a clear plastic case? Nah. I bet the good quality 3rd party cases & covers are made in the same factories that make the Apple versions anyway. I’ve only had one apple cover. It came free with my first ipad mini. All the rest of my covers for my iphones & ipads have been 3rd party ones for $10 or less. Guess what? The ONLY cover that hasn’t survived is my ipad mini cover from Apple. The fabric has torn and peeled off on the corners. Just saying.

    On a side note, I wrote Tim Cook about the use of leather in their accessory cases. Apple is always touting itself as the greenest company. Using leather for their cases flys in the face of that admirable goal. I suggested they use other materials. Faux leather is just as good and they could easily set the trend for other companies. People would gladly accept this choice. They’re Apple! They can do anything. Of course they’d still charge a premium for their faux leather cases. Lol

    I love the Apple leather cases and don’t want a faux leather one. 
    That’s cool. Buy what makes you happy. I was talking to Apple. They are always touting about how proud they are being the greenest company in the world. But slaughtering cows to make covers for your iPads & iPhones is not very environmentally friendly. Just sayin.
    No, you weren’t talking to Apple since this isn’t apple - this is a rumors and news forum comprised of users.
    No...if you read my original post, I wrote to Tim Cook. So I was talking to Apple. Durp.
  • Kanye West pitches Apple-designed Air Force One 'iPlane' replacement in oval office

    We truly are living in a reality tv world now.