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  • Zuckerberg told Facebook execs to stop using iPhone after Tim Cook privacy comments

    I bet you a million dollars that this NTK Network & Definers group thru Suckerberg are the ones behind the bogus story about a Chinese spy chip in Apple devices. I friggin bet ya. I was only on Facebook for my Mom. But since she passed away, I quit it. I still use Instagram which was bought by FB, but I do feel a lot better since quitting FB. 
  • Graphic 7 minute audio of Jamal Khashoggi's murder again linked to journalist's Apple Watc...

    From the New York Times: "They severed his fingers during an interrogation and later beheaded and dismembered him, according to details from audio recordings published in the Turkish news media on Wednesday. It was all over within a few minutes, the recordings suggested."

    This whole episode is simply beyond disgusting. Beyond reason.

    A bunch of savages.
    And yet Drumpf is standing by his Saudi buddies. After all, according to him they buy millions & millions of dollars of his properties. 
    The writer was (is?) a Saudi Arabian, not an American. The US doesn’t have dominion over every country on Earth and their citizens. Get over it.

    Get over it? Dude. Has your allegiance to Trump totally blinded you to what the United States stands for? The guy was a Naturalized US citizen. A journalist with The Washington Post. His kids are US citizens. Trump is kissing the Crown Princes ring. Have you forgotten that 15 of the 19 terrorists from 9/11 were Saudis? Saudi Arabia was Trumps first international trip abroad as President. He is on video bragging about how he loves the Saudis cause they buy so much property from him. Something stinks here. I am curious how you will spin this when video & audio of the torture and killing go public. Will you say fake news? Will you deny reality?
    His nationality is Saudi Arabian:

    He's not a US citizen.
    Ugh. Let it go dude. Your xenophobia is showing. He LIVES in the US. It’s his home. He has children who are US citizens. He is a journalist with the Washington Post. What are you trying to say? Because he once came from another country, his cold blooded murder doesn’t matter? Where is your humanity? Your sense of justice? 
  • New rumor claims 2018 iPad Pros will be smaller, drop headphone jacks

    Folio said:
    Idiocy in my view to notch the iPad, which is a preferred device to do reading or viewing. I take 1000s of screen shots on my iPad Pro winnowing content from web, magazines, etc and marking them up. Even though mine is a 12.9 inch model, every bit of that screen rectangle is precious real estate. (Yes, I quickly got use to the notch on my iPhone X, but it makes more sense there for frequent quicker access) Do people expect Apple to notch laptops and the iMac too, as part of its signature move? Come on.
    Totally agree about the possible notch on an ipad. It would not only be Pointless, it’d be a really bad design choice. On the bezel-less iphone X i can see how aesthetically it’s necessary due to space constraints, but there are no space constraints on an ipad. Apple can easily incorporate all the cameras & the face ID into a very thin bezel that goes all the way around the entire ipad. A much better aesthetic choice in my opinion. But who knows what Apple plans to do. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.
  • Apple's next-gen 'A13' iPhone and iPad chipset will remain 7nm

    melgross said:
    I’m concerned about the new iPad Pro. We expected the new model around March, which is when it’s been arriving. So I expected an A11X, which would have been in line with the new phone chip, as usual. But here we are, and we’re beginning to pass June - and still no word.

    my concern is whether Apple has an A11X for this new model already. If the delay is due to factors such as case size and form, new screen, Face ID, and some other features, what is Apple planning here? If they expected this to come out much later, when will that be? I don’t like the idea that Apple is stretching out new designs. I get a new iPad every year, and to think that it’s moving to a year and maybe 9 months is too much.

    so if this is an unexpectedly long delay, does Apple have A11X chips for it waiting? If so, I can’t imagine them saving these chips for something else, and going with a new one. If they are going for an A12X, and haven’t made A11X chips, because they expected this long delay, what does that mean in terms of when a new model will arrive? Will we have to wait until September, when the phones come out, as that announcement has priority? That’s a heck of a long time. I don’t see them releasing the A12X before the A12.

    i would not be happy with an A11X now, because normally the newest chip for the phone has approximately the same performance as the previous generation iPad X version. So that would have the new phones on a par with the new iPad Pro 12.9”. That’s really unacceptable. When considering the far higher resolution, it’s even worse.
    You Update your ipad every year?! Really? Isn’t that a bit excessive? To each their own i guess. But I use my ipad for professional artistic purposes, and even I don’t feel the need to update mine every year. I think Apple is moving to longer update cycles for the ipads for that very reason. Unlike iphones, most people don’t feel the need to update their ipads as often. So you may have to get used to that.