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  • Apple's next-gen 'A13' iPhone and iPad chipset will remain 7nm

    melgross said:
    I’m concerned about the new iPad Pro. We expected the new model around March, which is when it’s been arriving. So I expected an A11X, which would have been in line with the new phone chip, as usual. But here we are, and we’re beginning to pass June - and still no word.

    my concern is whether Apple has an A11X for this new model already. If the delay is due to factors such as case size and form, new screen, Face ID, and some other features, what is Apple planning here? If they expected this to come out much later, when will that be? I don’t like the idea that Apple is stretching out new designs. I get a new iPad every year, and to think that it’s moving to a year and maybe 9 months is too much.

    so if this is an unexpectedly long delay, does Apple have A11X chips for it waiting? If so, I can’t imagine them saving these chips for something else, and going with a new one. If they are going for an A12X, and haven’t made A11X chips, because they expected this long delay, what does that mean in terms of when a new model will arrive? Will we have to wait until September, when the phones come out, as that announcement has priority? That’s a heck of a long time. I don’t see them releasing the A12X before the A12.

    i would not be happy with an A11X now, because normally the newest chip for the phone has approximately the same performance as the previous generation iPad X version. So that would have the new phones on a par with the new iPad Pro 12.9”. That’s really unacceptable. When considering the far higher resolution, it’s even worse.
    You Update your ipad every year?! Really? Isn’t that a bit excessive? To each their own i guess. But I use my ipad for professional artistic purposes, and even I don’t feel the need to update mine every year. I think Apple is moving to longer update cycles for the ipads for that very reason. Unlike iphones, most people don’t feel the need to update their ipads as often. So you may have to get used to that. 
  • Apple's work towards waterproof iPhones continues with new sealing technology

    Im just waiting for apple to make the ipads at least water resistant like the iphones have been for a few generations already. I travel with my ipad a lot, and this feature would be greatly appreciated.
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  • Apple versus Samsung smartphone patent trial not over, $533M jury ruling contested

    South Park should do an episode where Cartman freezes himself to wake up in the future cause he can’t stand waiting for the new iphone. I bet in the year 2546 Cartman would still find Apple & Samsung in court suing each other. Bark! Bark!
  • Russia's political ban on Telegram has Apple blocking GDPR updates to infamous messenger

    I find it funny how Apple fights privacy rights so strongly here in the US, not even bending to pressure from the police or FBI in cracking into iphones...yet bends over backwards to help Russia & China crack down on privacy there. Shouldn’t they make it equally hard on ALL of them? 
    It’s not surprising at all. We’re a country of law and order, our citizens and corporate citizens alike have rights and our branches of government (like the FBI) have restrictions to their power. That isn’t the case in dictatorships and totalitarian states like Russia and China. But in any state Apple has to follow the law; thankfully we have better laws here.

    Get it?
    Of course i “get it”. Thats not the point. The point is that Apple(and i’m an apple user) always preaches the moral, ethical & environmental high ground...and yet they seem to forget those morals when dealing with other countries. I would argue that countries like China would have a lot to lose if Apple pulled out of their country. It’s not like Apple doesn’t have any leverage when it comes to walking their talk around the world. I would respect them a lot more if they didn’t always cave when dealing with the likes of China or other countries. I think it undermines their credibility. Yes, America is a different country than China. But when Apple as a company takes such strong moral, ethical & environmental positions on a global scale... it should transcend “business”. And that is what Tim Cook preaches...but then they bend those morals to accomodate the likes of China & Russia. 
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  • Apple to host educational event in Chicago on March 27

    If i was going to read into that Apple poster for the event with the flowing calligraphy like graphic, i'd say it looks like it was created with an Apple pencil. Hmm. I would therefore further speculate that Apple will announce that the rumored new low cost ipad will now be able to use the apple pencil. Think about it. Whats more synonymous with education than pencil and paper? Students taking notes on their ipads. Teachers correcting student papers on their ipads. Etc etc.

    I think it's about time too. I've always felt that being able to use the apple pencil should not be exclusive to pro models. A pencil is such a universal tool. And Think of how many more Apple pencils Apple would sell if they could be used on all their ipads.

    As an ipad mini user, i have always wished to be able to use the apple pencil on my ipad mini. It would be the perfect portable sketchbook and notetaking device. I've heard no rumor about an ipad mini update, but if my above guess about the apple pencil and new low cost ipad is true, i hope Apple also updates the mini as well. 

    Guess we'll find out if i was right in a couple weeks.