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  • What's next for Apple in 2016: New product rumor roundup

    appex said:
    Apple should implement standard ports in all devices: Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 Type C (reversible) Generation 2.

    Also, regarding OS X, please, please, please don't let Ive use the white crayon. If anyone enjoys reading 3 point gray text on a white background, please kill yourself.

    He's smart, but white is his achilles heel. Above all, I need to USE my devices and that means I need to be able to READ them. TEXT matters. Please use the space allotted and remember that we're all getting older.
  • Amazon's top home audio product this holiday was a turntable, besting an Apple AirPlay-compatible r

    Analog does contain more information, but whether or not it is perceptible by our ears is another thing. What vinyl does contain is nostalgia and for many, that is why they enjoy these inferior beasts. It gives them joy to handle the black plastic thing, select the right speed, gently set the needle just so, and warmly sit back as they listen to those first few crackles before the song starts.

    I have the same reaction with older Harleys. You have to set the choke, prime them a bit, learn the subtle nuances of the throttle, and then pray as you turn it over that all your variables will result in that satisfying THRUMP! as it starts. Yeah, I admit, you can't get this visceral, emotional response with a fuel-injected, modern cycle.

    I could be wrong. Maybe vinyl is superior. I just remember the warping and strange output and crackles, static and skipping. I never developed a love for trying to eke out the perfect sound out of my record player. My niece loves her new record player, however.
  • The search for Apple's next big thing

    We're getting innovation at both ends.

    1. One More Thing...

    This is the genius of Steve Jobs. Every time we saw this, we paid extra attention. Every now and then we get an entirely new product. The world expects Apple to invent something new every year, but the reality is it's every now and then. In the meantime, we feed off the nourishment of constant small improvements.

    2. Control the whole widget

    This is Apple at its best, taking over all aspects of their product. The best example is the incredible innovation going on with the Ax mobile CPUs. I can see Apple getting into battery technology, flash, materials, etc. Apple even innovates when it comes to their stores, as in the curved glass panels. And who wouldn't want to work at that cool spaceship that's now being built.

    3. Bonus Profits w/ Services

    iTunes, iCloud, App Stores. I just hope the games innovate as fast as Apple is moving the hardware specs forward. That way, Apple can siphon the money I'm spending on $65 games for Xbox and Playstation and complete it's takeover of my wallet.