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  • Android executive offers to help Apple deploy RCS messaging

    There’s enough negative tribalism going on in the world… if adopting RCS helps eliminate the us vs them mentality I’m all for it!
  • Apple to open office in Vancouver's new 400 West Georgia tower

    rob53 said:
    rob53 said:
    Not sure how old Apple Maps is for this area of Vancouver, BC, but there's no new building going on at this address unless that address is a general location. It's in the heart of the Vancouver business district, near BC Place (CFL, MLS, rugby) and where the cruise ships sail to Alaska.

    The building is super new. When I look up images of it, I only get concept art. The picture in this article may also be concept art.

    My point: It may not even exist yet.

    Re-read the article and it states:
    "set to be completed in the spring of 2020"
    It's summer 2019 and a building this large can take a year to build. This is why I commented on the age of the Apple Maps satellite image of Vancouver. If the address is correct, there's still an occupied building on the site so I assume that has to go first. Next time I'm in the PNW, I'll take Amtrak into Vancouver. It's only 1-2 miles from the train station.

    appleric said:
    Beautiful design! Not sure why they wrote "supposedly inspired by a Japanese paper lantern" without giving a reference as to why it's "supposedly"
    Hi Rob,

    I live in Vancouver within a short walk to the site of 400 W Georgia and I can definitively confirm that they began excavating the site about a year ago.  The last time I passed the site a few weeks ago I believe work to complete the sub floors was completed and the work on upper floors has begun so the target for sometime in 2020 is probably pretty accurate.  I’ll try to snap a picture for you if I’m around the site on the weekend.

  • RBC, CIBC & other Canadian banks launch support for Apple Pay

    uk nino said:
    I have an iphone 6 I bought in Switzerland, with the latest version of iOS. Currently I live in the UK and I have an account with the bank Lloyds and Visa from this bank. But I can not use Apple Pay. I went into an Apple Center, and I was told I had to buy an iPhone in UK for it to work !! Why ??
    It might be that your regional setting in settings > general > language and region is set to Switzerland and not the UK.  Try changing it and restarting your iPhone and see if you can add cards to Wallet.  Apple uses this setting to often determine which features and apps to allow the user to use/install.  Let us know if it works!
  • ANZ is first Australian bank to support Apple Pay

    mcbanjo said:
    My mate works for ANZ and he says it's an exclusive arrangement for 6 months.
    I'm not Austrailian (Canadian actually) but if banks there are the same as banks anywhere else...

    a) Employees aren't entrusted with privileged business information unless they're on the Board of directors and

    b) Banks don't get exclusive arrangements that deliberately exclude other institutions unless they want to get slapped with an anti-competition lawsuit.

    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong... :-)
  • Apple grants widow access to husband's Apple ID after demanding court order

    I live in British Columbia where the story about Mrs. Bush was covered.  In our local news it's pretty obvious that she relied on her late husband to manage their shared technology needs.  It's an innocent case where he took the password to his grave due to her lack of techno-literacy not realizing it existed.  Her husband might have recorded the password but most likely she had no idea where he did so and his kids seem unaware as well.  It's surprising these days in a world where many baby boomers rely on their children and grandchildren to help them manage their technology.  I'm one of those Millennials.