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  • Apple counsel Bruce Sewell calls DOJ filing 'cheap shot' that seeks to 'vilify'

    Emericus said:
    Based on these latest documents, I'm starting to see this a bit differently than before. Each side is attempting to prevent a certain kind of precedent from being set. For Apple, we all know what the precedent is because the media has covered it to death: Apple wants to avoid even implicitly supporting the idea that a governing body can compel it to hack and undermine the security of its own devices. But for the FBI it's a different precedent they want to avoid, a precedent set in motion by the release of iOS8 in 2014: the FBI wants to avoid supporting the idea that it's okay and legal for any tech company to design devices that thwart all attempts at entry by law enforcement or anyone else. While such devices and the networks they operate on will naturally keep my own legal emails and bank account numbers secure, they will certainly also become the haven for all manner of illegal behavior. And if allowed to be used freely in private and public, as iPhones are now, such devices over time could render many forms of law enforcement perpetually ineffective (perhaps they already are). Now, I don't work for law enforcement, and I'm not necessarily siding with the FBI here, but I'm starting to the see the bigger picture how they see it, and it does make some sense without being too paranoid. The issue is that so many people use smartphones and cellphones (just like so many people use roads, airspace, and building enclosures), it may not be in the public's best interest that these things be designed to thwart all law enforcement activities always. On that account, it might be worth the government's best legal efforts to basically force Apple to dismantle iOS8 and thus, in the bigger picture, teach all tech companies a basic lesson: so many people use these devices and networks, it is in the public's best interest that they all have some form of backdoor, even if the downside is increased likelihood of opportunistic hacking.
    Personally I think you are right. But I think Apple probably should unlock phones on a case by case basis. I am not quite sure where I stand on this whole issue. But as this unravels the one thing I do not want is the government agencies holding the key.
  • Oculus founder says no Mac support coming until Apple builds 'good' system with better graphics

    gnnoni said:
    Apple started the iPod bussines because nobody wanted make drivers for Mac, they thinked it was a resource wasted to invest in Mac, how wrong they were. Maybe if Apple develops an VR glasses, maybeOculus will regret
    Thats not the reason Apple created the iPod. You are way off.

    Apple created the iPod because most mp3 players on the market at the time were "crap" (according to Steve Jobs) and that most mp3 players at the time only had the capacity of about 12 songs or one CD album. Obviously the iPod changed all that.
  • Oculus founder says no Mac support coming until Apple builds 'good' system with better graphics

    bdkennedy said:
    Apple builds their computers to serve a particular purpose. Most people don't need all of that power, and the few that do, Apple isn't going to waste money on. Besides, rumors are Apple is working on their own VR, so I could care less what that douche bag thinks.
    Are you serious? This is exactly what is wrong with  many of the Apple Fanboy mentality on Appleinsider. Really is sad.
  • After citing $53M in personal debt, Kanye West begs fans to subscribe to Tidal

    Kanye... Let me piss in a bucket for you. That's my contribution to you're bullshit.
  • Apple rejects indie game The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth over child violence

    And yet the same game is available in the resolutely kid-friendly Nintendo eShop. I think that tells you everything you need to know about how imbecilic Apple's current vetting policies are.
    Ive said this before and I'll say it again, and there are plenty of posters (apple fanboys as I see it) that say I am just trolling, but reality is Tim Ccok's Apple has its head straight up its ass.
    lord amhran