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  • State Farm sues Apple over house fire allegedly caused by 'defective' iPhone

    macxpress said:
    Sounds to me like State Farm just doesn't want to pay for the damages to the house. I mean they most likely did pay their client the money, but they want to be reimbursed from Apple.

    I'm sorry a device, or in this case, an iPhone caused someone to lose their house and thats very unfortunate, but isn't that why we have insurance? You know, in case shit happens?

    State Farm cannot really claim that there are a large amount of iPhone 4s phones out there with faulty batteries. I'd like to know how State Farm can prove Apple knowingly sold/provided this person a faulty phone on purpose.
    I don't understand how State Farm feels they are due money.  What if there had been an electrical short in the house that wasn't the homeowner's fault, would they sue the electrician that installed the wiring?  How about a chimney fire? Go after the last chimney sweep to have cleaned the chimney?  And what about suing the fire department for not having put out the fire before more damage had been done?

    This suit is absurd.
    even on the off chance of a "defective" device working issue free 2 to 7 years after purchase and well after Apple care or warranty would have expired State Farm is in no way entitled a single cent beyond miss Thao's deductible and premiums that were presumably paid.

    State Farm is an insurance company and insurance is purchased for scenarios like this

    the only court outcomes should be State Farm being forced into reimbursement to Ms Thao for anything they've yet to cover 

    from Apple's perspective at the very most albeit it quite unlikely I would consider settling for nothing more than 1 FREE Apple Product or iPhone Make and model of choice and maybe throw in free Apple Care+

    but Apple darn sure shouldn't be obligated for anything beyond that cost or monetary wise

    so much for "Like A Good Neighbor State Farm is there" such a sham
  • Hammer finally falls as Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially, permanently discontinued

    Rayz2016 said:
    It's going to be quite interesting to see how they go about launching the next phone. 
    *in best TV or movie voiceover*

    in a world that was rocked by Note 7 explosions and housewives were speechless over their washers 1 brand stands tall above the rest.

    coming 2017

    the device that has they FAA , TSA and more in a bundle of nerves

    the phone Pyrotechnics and militaries are calling greater than the Big Bang and critics say will certainly give more bang for your buck 

    featuring the tears of housewives and anyone traumatized in 2016

    Samsung brings you the Note 8 guaranteed 3x more explosive and 5x as combustible or we promise another unsatisfactory round of recalls and exchanges.

    the Note 8 coming to shelves near you sometime 2017 
    Michael Bay films got nothing on these explosions now give us your money and fandom


    lol that hat sums it up I think 
  • Hammer finally falls as Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially, permanently discontinued

    The big problem Samsung have here is that discontinuing production is to suggest they have not figured out the root cause of the failures.

    If they don't understand what has happened here, there is zero reason to believe the same problem won't feature in new phones they release.

    Samsung are in big trouble here.  I'm sure Apple will benefit somewhat, but it's the other Android manufacturers that must be rubbing their hands with glee.

    macxpress said:
    I normally wouldn't say this, but I do feel for the carriers. They're the face of this issue unfortunately. The first person a customer see's is someone working in a store who sold them the phone. Also, it was really shitty of Samsung to only let customers get a different Samsung phone at first. Let the customer choose whether or not it wants to get a different Samsung phone. Are they (Samsung) really afraid everyone will just switch to an iPhone? I wouldn't say this is entirely true and the article proves this. Some people are very happy with Android and will just switch to a different manufacturer. 

    The way they've handled this seems very they wanted to just sweep this under the carpet and try not to let this be a big deal. 

    Now its time for the FAA (TSA?) to ban this phone on all flights and confiscate this phone upon discovery at a security checkpoint. This is truly a very dangerous situation, especially if in the air. Its not like you can just land immediately. The same should be true for trains and other forms of public transportation. 

    This will cost Samsung more than just Billions of loss on this phone. They've severely tarnished their reputation and I'm betting even the most devoted Samsung customers will switch away to something else, even if its not an iPhone. This will end up costing them far more in the long run. All because they wanted to beat Apple's release of the iPhone 7. This just proves again, it doesn't matter who is first, it matters who does it best. 

    Going by the numbers in this article at 40 to 65% seem to have jumped to iOS 
  • Hammer finally falls as Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially, permanently discontinued

    sog35 said:
    Just waiting for the loser trolls to show up and say:

    1. Don't celebrate. Failure of Samsung is bad for Apple, cause competition is good
    2. Don't celebrate. Since this could have easily happened to Apple
    3. Don't celebrate. Because some iPhones also exploded (ignoring that those phones were damaged and smashed)
    4. Don't celebrate. Samsung had courage to do the 'right thing'

    Ok trolls. Now don't waste your time responding. Since I already brought up all your talking points.

    Instead of trolling I'm laughing and agreeing. Not funny that these phones could hurt people but certainly some karma and irony for Samsung and any of their fans and food for thought for Fandroids in the larger spectrum 
  • More Galaxy Note 7 fires reported as cryptic communications from Samsung complicate exchange proces

    perkedel said:
    Now you know about their customer service, if you should to choose to buy Samsung phone in the future.

    Whelp is Apple looking ANY better to Anroid or Samsung fans yet?

    or are some seeing this spontaneous combustion as an expensive campfire alternative slash new feature?