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  • Apple releases updated $199 iPod touch with A10 Fusion, up to 256GB of storage

    A lot of us just want an iPod in our pockets WITHOUT Cellular/Mobile Service. I really just want my songs in my pocket. Like the old iPod. They should do an remake of the old iPod with 256, 512 and 1TB storage options so I can have my entire music collection offline in my pocket and bicycle around Europe listening to any of my favorite songs without the worry or temptation of a telephone call or text message coming through to disturb me. I want ALL my music in my pocket with the form factor of the original iPod nano. Many of us don't care about the cost, just build it and I will buy it. Relaunch the RAM version of the original iPod in a smaller form factor. No video.
  • Elizabeth Warren confirms Apple is on her big tech breakup list

    Yeah....lets just forget about the companies that stuck through the rough times and made America the greatest and lets screw em now...its even amazing when I say buy Apple buy American, and people say its all made in China. What about all the jobs and employees Apple has hired in America!? Its so sad how dumb people are these days....
  • Apple restocks iPhone SE on clearance site, all models available

    This is a smart retroactive move. First of all, I LOVE THIS PHONE! AND....it is a silent seller. Now bring back the iPod shuffle and we will have tons of silent sales....
  • iPhone XR is topping XS & XS Max in sales, says Apple's Greg Joswiak

    asdasd said:
    asdasd said:
    Doesn't say much.  It can simultaneously be the best-selling iPhone model and not sell according to management's expectation
    However, it does contradict the analysts. 
    Doesn't contradict anything.  Having the XR be the single best-selling iPhone model since it launched and having XR productions cuts due to not selling according to management's initial expectations can simultaneously be true.
    The analysts don’t know management’s internal projections. Nor do you. 

    Whether analysts or I know or not is irrelevant.  Saying that the XR is the single-best selling iPhone model every day since launch by itself doesn't indicate how well it's selling.  It's a PR defensive move
    Just like last year was a PR move when Cook said the same exact thing to the same exact rumor, too, right?

    The glass is always half-empty with you people. 
    canukstorm is a millennial, thus he needs to listen to the analysts speaking from their rears. It is truly amazing how dumb the population is. This hamster wheel of unsubstantiated gossip goes around every year and our great Apple proves everybody wrong with the numbers. BUT, THIS YEAR IS DIFFERENT!....LOL
  • Apple should keep Lightning for now, but USB-A has to die

    Newsflash: Apple will never go to USB-C on iPhones for size alone. That’s why lightning is here to stay. USB-C will take over for USB-A because it is awesome in every way, especially power and reversibility. Eventually the weaker USB-C standards will drop off and thunderbolt will be the only option. I only buy Apple cables and they last a long time.