Besides being antagonistic, jealous, and petulant with silly ads that ignore Apple's massive performance edge, Intel's 7nm process has failed again, and is a year delayed, at least. TSMC made FIVE nanometer process chips for Apple at high yields and the M1 has been shipping for months.  Why would anyone even consider crippling their operation by using a demonstrably inferior fab process, unproven and plagued by delays and failures?  By the time Intel can make an M1 Apple will be on their 3rd gen SOC.


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  • Breaking down Apple's tricky, 'gravity defying' $83 billion June quarter

    Isn't this the time that some genius at Goldman (looking at you Rod Hall) reiterates his "sell" recommendation with downward advice and a target of $100 or so?  How does he keep a job? ;
  • Compared: M2 vs M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, and M1 Ultra

    Am I reading badly? The text under the Geekbench Single-Core Benchmarks chart does not follow from the chart data. 
    It should say [CAPS are mine]
    "In terms of performance, initial benchmarks for the M2 on Geekbench put its single-core result at 1,869. This turns out to be faster than THE M1 chip under the same test AT 1,707 for the M1, BUT BEHIND THE M1 PRO, MAX and ULTRA at 1911, 1921, and 1929 RESPECTIVELY"
  • 'Greyhound' audio crew explain how it sound-mixed the Apple TV+ drama

    I enjoyed every moment of the film.  Watching on a big screen in a darkened room with good speakers helped me experience all the terror, claustrophobia and tension being at sea, under-defended and under constant sneak attack must have entailed. Sound was excellent, and immersive. I never adjusted the volume once the film was underway--no idea why you would want to or have to do that. A real winner in every way.
  • Judge caps in-person attendance for Apple v. Epic Games trial

    When you rent a premise, you read and sign a lease.  It includes terms, conditions, and costs.  Deciding the rent is too high years later gets you laughed out of court.

    There is an agreement for listing in the Apple App Store too.  I bet it has terms and conditions and costs spelled out too.  Don't like the rent?  Move.  How is a judge even hearing this piece of dreck case?
  • Intel continues 'go PC' campaign with specious Apple Silicon comparison website

    I smell desperation, fear and flop sweat.
    Apple M1chip-based laptops are showing twice the performance with half the RAM. BLOWING INTEL AWAY in realtime benchmarks, and battery life numbers that are double or triple with less heat. Laughably, Intel's silly ads claim "some apps are not here" (yet), "touchscreens are not available on Apple laptops" (who the f*ck cares?) and gaming is not as good. Yawn. Intel MIGHT have 7nm chips in 2 years if they don't fail at it again. Apple has FIVE nanometer M1 chips now. They will be on M3 or M4 by then and dancing on Intel's chip grave, never looking back at an inferior processor again.
    "Many of the claims made by Intel are related to system architecture choices rather than performance. Not having access to all of the games hosted on Steam nor the lack of M1-native Adobe apps is a result of ARM performance."