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  • How to use Sign In With Apple and manage your log in information

    And so why exactly should we believe that Apple is any more ethical here than others like Google +, Facebook and the rest? Just because Apple says so? Please .... All are American, money-fascinated & tarred with exactly the same shareholder priorities; these days, user data is the most valuable commodity on earth. BTW, also check out the awful roll out of Apple TV+ (user login errors, error 404, wants credit card, not debit card, buggy and I very much doubt the security here as well.
    There are plenty of third parties that check these claims and I have seen no evidence of what you're claiming.  Apple does not sell ads other than letting app developers use them to fund free apps.  Apple makes it's money on hardware and lately services.  It supports and promotes personal privacy as a way to distinguish itself from its competitors.  It would be foolish of them to jeopardize the amount of good will this generates.
  • Apple TV+ versus Disney+ compared -- the streaming wars escalate

    kmarei said:

    the killer app is now something that has a pretty front end (something like popcorn time)
    that pulls content from all the streaming packages you subscribe to, and shows it all on one interface
    without me needing to remember which package has what show
    i just click mandalorian, and it starts streaming
    exactly like popcorn time, but legally :)
    The Apple TV app does a pretty good job of that.  You can find almost any TV show or movie and locate who has it to rent, buy or stream.  It also lets you find info and shows from specific actors, directors as well as ratings and reviews.  You can launch most of the shows from within the app.
  • Editorial: Why Microsoft Surface isn't growing after seven years of trying

    I think one issue MS still has is that it is too quick to crank something out and then abandon it just as quickly.  Remember Zune?  Nobody wants to invest in abandonware.
  • Half of all compatible iPhones now run iOS 13, iPadOS adoption hits 33%

    mattinoz said:

    I can't find a single prior iOS release that has hit x.1.3 before December of that year and we aren't even out of October.
    Most x.1 are November at best and tied to hardware releases post iPhone update that year.

    Versions number say there has been serious issues without any subjective gauges.
    Version numbers mean no such thing.  In order to release the OS at a specific time some features that were not quite ready were disabled or left out.   As they were finished they were rolled out in point releases.  Not really a problem for most people.  It just means you get more features than you would have if they had played it safe and just had a single release.  It also means you aren't getting a half-baked release that should have been postponed until finished.
  • Apple doubling bailout funds for iPhone screen supplier Japan Display

    I will continue to ask why.  There seems to be no logic to this continued bailout.  I'm sure there's a ton we aren't privy to here, but from the outside... WTF.
    Obviously, they need the screens these guys produce.  Samsung may have already converted most of it's factories to OLED by now and can't go back to LCD so who else is going to pick up the slack?  They are basically just pre-paying for future orders.  It's not a gift.