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  • iPhone 3GS returns to life with South Korean carrier

    "Because the 3GS is unable to run anything later than iOS 6, many modern apps and features are inaccessible."

    ...and it will run many great apps that were orphaned due to various reasons including for one high end app I bought that I was told faced too much cost of ongoing iOS compatibility development... :)

    On some of my older iOS devices that have the App Store, when trying to install a more modern app that existed for the older device, the App Store prompts you to download the older, compatible version ... but only if it was already associated with your Apple ID back then. So, if you are just now downloading Pandora for the first time, you can't download the old compatible version.
  • Toronto police ask iPhone users not to test iOS 11 security feature that dials 9-1-1

    Prior to iOS11, you could tell Siri to dial 9-1-1 for you. On the Apple Watch, you long press the side button to bring up the option to dial 9-1-1. Looks now iPhone has a similar way to dial it. I enabled this and also discovered there's a setting for it to insert a brief delay before the call is made allowing you to stop it. It would be problematic though if you're in an emergency situation with that delay enabled. It makes a loud beeping sound, which would certainly tip off the killer.
  • Hulu lands nearly 3,000 new TV episodes in deal with 20th Century Fox

    "Hulu is terrible" is probably referring to the new UI/UX on current gen Apple TV. The UI is beautiful, but the UX is ridiculously laborious. Theres no clear path to get to where you were or want to be, but it will definitely serve up what Hulu wants you to see. It also seems like seamless compatibility with the TV app was simply not a priority. I can deal with those things. My one pet peeve is that once you've caught up on a season, or finished a series, it will randomly select a new series — almost always one you never want to see, ever — and drop it in your Watch Now queue and start playing it.
  • Apple, ad agency sued over voice sample used in iPhone 6 TV commercial

    Each unique use of a composition or recording requires permission. That's just a fact of copyright law. The use of sampling has complicated things even more, because a snippet here, and a loop there, all have to be cleared. In the instance of "Good times" being used by Jamie xx, it looks like the company who controls the master recording (Universal) got permission from one of the rights holders. What isn't clear is if in the Persuasions' agreement with Universal allows Universal to speak for them regarding rights to use the recording. Also what's not clear is if Apple and the advertising agency got permission from Universal, or perhaps even the forgetful group member. The potential injury is quite clear: if the plaintiff had given his permission, he could have negotiated compensation for the use with Apple and/or the advertising agency. For example, he could have gotten, say, a percentage of the revenue generated by each airing of the commercial. It's like how Apple pays artists/record labels at set fee each time a song is streamed. The plaintiff could have had quite a nice payday.