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  • Sprint adds Apple Business Chat to support its iPhone & iPad customers

    Last Novembre, to my surprise, got an invitation to join Apple Business Chat. And that as a small company, in a small country in W-Europe...
  • Apple releases macOS Mojave 10.14.2, tvOS 12.1.1, plus iOS 12.1.1 with FaceTime changes, e...

    Also released is HomePod software version 12.1.1
  • Apple issues AirPort Express firmware update adding support for AirPlay 2

    Does it apply to the 2008-2012 sold 802.11n Airport Express  (Gen 1)?

    Apple's website is ambiguous:


    Now, what about adding APFS support to Time Capsules?!

    Also, what about iOS Time Capsule file storage access?!!!!!!
    It only applies to the 2012 remake, as pictured in the article.
    That's right, couldn't resist and tried the Gen 1. This firmware stays on 7.6.9 .
  • A year with Apple's 5K iMac: Still the best Mac for your money

    cp- said:

    The iMac 5K is the only new Mac that allows you to easily add third-party RAM. Taking advantage of this, we added another 32 gigabytes, and now it is equipped with 40 gigabytes [...]
    Did it come with one single 8gb stick and you added another 2x16gb still leaving one slot free? o.O A bit unusual since I'm used to getting stock configurations with multiple sticks of lower capacity (as they are cheaper) than less sticks of higher capacity.
    Always install(ed) in pairs, so it probably came with 2x4GB and two free slots. Filling the two free slots with 2x16GB makes 40GB total.
  • UK government to initiate tax crackdown on tech firms holding earnings offshore

    Rayz2016 said:

    JanNL said:
    To put things in perspective, UK is taking all these measures because of exiting the EU. A lot of new (tax) law is aimed at strong lower taxes, to keep and attract companies. So in most cases the opposite direction of the EU.
    Actually, these measures are being taken because of the massive £40billion it’s going to cost to leave the EU, along with the extra cost of having to pay to have access to the market the country has decided to leave. 

    We will also need to spend millions on border controls – the same border controls that other EU countries have (try moving to Belgium), but the U.K. didn’t implement because EU migrants paying into the taxation system was something they were happy about, until they weren’t. 

    And I doubt that getting foreign companies to pay their fair share of tax is going to attract them to the U.K.  

    Hell, most of the biggest companies in this country have their “headquarters” next door to each other, on the same shopping street on the Isle of Mann. 
    I don't know Rayz, it's a bit how you look at it...

    - Is it going to cost £40 billion? That's what the EU asks...
    - Paying to have access to the EU? UK is for many EU countries their biggest market, so they are eager to get treaties in place to continue to sell in the UK.

    - Are there border controls? Structural border controls are forbidden by EU law within the EU zone. Crossing the border with Belgium a few times a week for the past 15 years, never had a control... I even moved to Belgium years ago and it was only a formality.

    - Aren't there a lot of proposals to lower the taxes for businesses in the UK? Genuine question.

    - But there are also a lot of real HQ's, think about the City/financial centre in London.