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  • Netflix disabled AirPlay because it isn't being told what device is getting the stream

    gcv said:
    Netflix is being dishonest about the reason it has removed Airplay support. Recently Netflix indicated that it wants to crack down on subscribers who Netflix believes may share their membership with family and friends. The company indicated it would terminate those accounts. This is about control.

    My experiences with Netflix have become increasingly negative. One way to protect one’s privacy is to use a VPN. When I use a VPN Netflix disables my ability to watch its content on my computer or tablet, even if the VPN is located in the USA and I have a USA based Netflix account. Netflix claims this is due to licensing restrictions on its content, but it is really to force users to disable the VPN so that Netflix can track what users watch. (Licensing restrictions should not be an issue on shows that Netflix produces.)

    This is all about collecting subscriber data to maximize profits. I think Netflix is going to be the next Facebook fiasco once users realize how their personal data is used.
    Netflix isn't getting much data from me the only thing I usually watch on it is the Andy Griffith show to go to sleep at night with haha
  • Apple cancels AirPower wireless charging mat, citing quality issues

    So am I right in thinking there are no alternatives out there?
    SliceCharge Pro.
  • Everything you need to know about how to get and use the Apple Card

    What kind of credit score will be needed to get this card?
  • Facebook stored 'hundreds of millions' of unencrypted passwords on internal servers

    On that picture instead of a thumbs up it should be a thumbs down :s
  • Tim Cook changes Twitter name to 'Tim Apple' in response to Trump gaffe

    ElCapitan said:
    ElCapitan said:
    Tim does not in any way represent the legacy of Apple. Him taking that name is an insult to everyone who carried Apple. 
    Given that Jobs hand-selected the guy, this seems false at its face.

    Also "everyone who carried Apple." Who is inside that classification?
    Every day Tim is spitting in the face of the Mac users, the great programmers who made MacOS and great, game changing applications a reality. These are the men and women who carried the Apple through the hard years while Tim was still at Compaq. He also spits in the face of all those customers who believed in the company despite the continuous and relentless onslaught by the press, the finance sector, the naysayers in enterprise IT and telecoms, and Microsoft in particular. Without them, Apple would have been long gone, and you all would have been stuck with not so great products. 

    It is a disgrace how the Mac has been handled under his "leadership". It is a disgrace how he has politicized the company and it will backfire on him spectacularly in the long run.
    ElCapitan is full of shit......