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  • Turkey's deputy PM encourages Apple to move in wake of EU tax ruling

    Violating the law and then moving would make me switch to Android.  Going to watch veryt closely Mr Cooks stance and actions.
  • Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac released with macOS Sierra support, Toolbox app

    The same procedure as every year. Basically they force u to upgrade since they wont support newer macOS versions. Lack of 3d support in macOS makes the VMs slow and useless. We dropped Parallells for VMWare where we keep old customer projects that require specific OS and XCode version till they finally pay for an update.
  • Intel pushes USB-C as 3.5mm jack replacement, touts better sound, thinness & power management

    USB-C hs way to hulky to replace the old analog jack. Personaly I preffer the Lightning connector. DRM isnt an issue too, since I could simply grab the audio signal after the DSP/AD/DA Bridge.

    The news is about Intel who of course see the importance of USB since they produce the chips for it. But USB-C inherited all disadvantages. After a while of usage it has connections issues. If a device drops while connected the interior tends to break. That does not happen with Lightning nor do I see any worn out connectors.

    USB-C is not the solution. Its just an attempt to get one of Lightnings advantages, but they hat to stick to the old design by all means. Instead of saving room u need more in a device and the male part sits in the device too. That is by the way the part that breaks. We have some ruined Samsung development phones where this did happen.

    well just my 3 cents
  • Apple and the Bot War on Apps

    Any message platform that want to replace apps, need to be able to run on a very low level to offer everything. At the point where it is able to, it is no more a message platform, but an operating system.

    "The Emperor's New Clothes"
    Bots are not new. They are nothing more than backend services. This is not about the future, but about selling something very old as new.

    And why?
    Facebook shareholder value. 
    Facebooks value was the big experiment in "Swarm behaviour". But it didn't generate enough money this way. So the want a pice of any business that run though their systems. 
    And Microsoft started to buy less junk apps to boost their app-store numbers. Instead they focus since 2014 on selling backend services. So they jump on the wagon. Do whatever app you want on any platform but though our systems.

    ration al
  • Apple Pay launches in Switzerland with Visa and Mastercard support

    Hopefully we see it in Germany soon