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  • The Verge founding member Chris Ziegler worked at Apple for two months before leaving website

    i wouldn't trust a word Patel says. 

    Or how about his obesity. That always looks hot
    tallest skilpatchythepirate
  • Review: Apple Watch Series 2 is a great improvement, but watchOS 3 steals the show

    Soli said:
    Ejecting water out of the speaker cavity post swimming exercise — neat!

    but what about after taking a shower? Would seem like a good idea to remove corrosive water in any situation where water may intrude.

    Is there a software mechanism to eject water other than ending a swimming exercise? 
    I don't think it's necessary unless you submerge the device and cause water to replace the air pockets. This isn't likely to happen with a shower unless you really soak the device or get a water jet right in the speaker holes. Now that they have two mic and two speaker holes, the air flow will allow water to be removed more naturally over Series 1, and I can't say it was a problem then, even while I used it when swimming.

    But it's a moot point since I think there's an always-available option to remove water.

    The most important new feature beyond speed or GPS is its water resistance and inside a comprehensive review of the device the most Apple friendly website gives and it eschews away its lack of an opinion on said water resistance by excusing itself because theyre gym doesn't have a fucking pool?
    Ridiculously insufficient. Corrupts the entire piece. Garbage.
  • I/O 2016: Google Allo smart messenger and Duo video calling coming to iOS, Android this summer

    No Thanks.  FaceTime works great.
    It is consistent and predictable.
    It's also been rock bottom feature set in favor of reliability but it needs some love. Video VoiceMail for instance. 
  • White House warns Congress that anti-net neutrality bill could be vetoed

    lkrupp said:
    Once the FCC begins regulating prices you can kiss infrastructure buildout goodbye. Kiss fiber to the premises goodbye. Such buildout will no longer be financially viable if the rate of return is arbitrarily limited. Oh, then just let the government nationalize the broadband industry and we can all have unlimited speed and data for free! Good luck with that dream.
    Tedious. Your life... Is tedious 
  • Cellebrite again rumored to have accessed San Bernardino iPhone 5c for FBI

    This is all bs. They may have paid celebrite but the entire thrust of the fbis plan was to obtain a lawful too to combat or lessen the ease in which a criminal entity might go dark and they simply lost control of the narrative and were caught off guard by the ferocity in which Apple stood its ground.

    it was a wildly misconceived under planned and poorly executed effort that among its high points included Director Comey perjuring himself before Congress twice without penalty and the Attorney General getting a snack down by of all people - Lindsey Graham who apparently does attempt to educate himself on the matters his votes will be counted. His about face made it clear this wasn't happening and the story simply needed to die.

    Apple is aware of Celebryte, NAND mirroring and every single possible other method one currently has or might have to subvert their encryption.

    it started with a lie and do it ends the same way.

    dont care how many people die, how many children are molested or if their diddlers get caught and terroism will never be some kind of super threat afforded expediency and constitutional compromise to get a bad guy if it means somehow they can look in more than just that one phone. 

    Its the the future folks but you can't look in my phone