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  • US lawmakers call for universal charging standard - but not necessarily for USB-C

    Kuyangkoh said:
    Geeeee…..we should use one car standard, too many and bad for consumers and the environment 
    For charging EV cars? Yes, there definitely should be one standard.
  • Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, lose million music subscribers in UK

    And those subscribers aren’t coming back either - they are finished… I wish Apple would just give me back iTunes the way it was… People are getting sick of the subscription based services. They want to have ownership of the products they buy… if they don’t upgrade, then they don’t have the latest feature, but at least they still have what they have paid for to date… I avoid subscription based services and products and will even settle for a inferior product if that product is a one time cost pricing model. Look at how that greed has killed Adobe… people can’t get away from those products fast enough now… and they are. But thats what Wall Street influenced companies do and have happen to them… deservingly so.  
    This has very little to do with owning vs streaming. Britons are getting poorer due to the pandemic, Brexit, etc. and companies are actively being discouraged by the prime minister from giving pay rises. People in the UK are having to cut back on luxuries.
  • Lightning versus USB-C: Pros and cons for the iPhone

    Anilu_777 said:
    The EU is engaging in massive overreach. They don’t have the understanding or technical expertise to demand one charger. And what happens when a better system is developed? Or do they not bother because the precious EU might not like it? I’m Canadian and I’m fine with Lightning. 
    The EU mandated GSM are a wireless technology but that never stopped European carriers adopting 3G, 4G and now 5G. In fact, the standardisation of wireless technologies across Europe made their adoption easier.

    Legislation can be updated and this is why standards bodies like the USB-IF exist.
  • Apple is financing all the lending for the Apple Pay Later service

    8thman said:
    This is risky in the current financial environment.
    Inflation is taking a toll on consumers and some will start defaulting on payments. Timing of this is not good.
    Klarna are in serious trouble, with widening losses. While short-term loans of this nature can be helpful in emergency situations, that's not what they're being used for by-and-large. For example, half of Klarna's customers who have defaulted on their payments have done so after purchasing fashion goods.

    It's a grim situation. This style of lending is morally objectionable and Apple should be ashamed for entering the market. 
  • UK won't copy EU USB-C common charger mandate

    You say "the UK lost the protection of EU agreements when it left the Union".  it's however more like that since BREXIT the UK is now protected FROM that bunch of un-elected bureaucratic buffoons !
    The UK has an unelected second house and an unelected head of state.

    And this USB-C regulation is the perfect example of the short-sightedness of leaving the EU. Devices sold in the UK will be affected by this legistlation whether the UK is in or out of the EU. All that's changed is that the UK has lost its seat at the table deciding on the regulations.