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  • Tim Cook says Apple won't merge Mac and iPad

    The cross platform worked very well for Microsoft. And google has killed the market with there chrome net books.  Apple is not a me two company and that is why I love them. I use my MacBook when I need a MacBook. I use my iPad when It’s feasible. I lastly I use my iPhone when I have to get things done and don’t have the either of the iPad or MacBook. 
  • Apple Music expected to grow 40% annually for next three years, drive Services growth

    I like how people are holding back their money from Apple Music (really). I recently switched to a paid membership after relizing that I was paying about $50 dollars a month in iTunes gift cards for my 7 kids to get the songs they wanted. Now I pay the family rate of $15/month. I actually get an opportunity to listen to music beyond my outdated playlist. And as for future offerings of the video content. I should preference that by stating that I work for a tv svc and don’t pay for content but would deffinently pay a little extra for that content 
  • Third iPhone battery lawsuit says Apple used slowdowns to avoid fixing defects

    This is typical of the ambulance chasing lawyers. Let’s break this down your seeking damages because your $600 dollar phone was causing you problems. So your best coarse of action is to replace it with a $1,000 phone. Question 1. Was there a comparable phone in the $600 range that could have replaced this? Question 2. You Referenced  a prior iPhone 6S had problems. What phone were you using/replacing when you voluntarily purchased the  IphoneX?  Question 3. Due you use the Apple manufactured charging cable?  My theory is this you had a iPhone 6S you used a charger you bought at the gas station and it weakened the battery. You then summonses that Apple owes you a new phone because the battery dies. They wouldn’t comply so you said screw it and switched ecosystems to android. Realized it sucks and got all gritty when the iphoneX came out and bought yourself the best phone ever produced. Now your parents are pissed because you haven’t payed rent in 6 months while you were saving up for the iphoneX. So to save face you hope on the perceived gravy train. Maybe. Or maybe I haven’t had enough coffee this morning but I don’t think there grounds here. Apple will settle and 7 people will get a free iphoneX and we will revisit this again when the iPhone ? Comes out 
  • Video: iPhone X vs Note 8 - Real World Comparison after 1 month

    I like most people on hear use or have used an android. That’s why there on ai. All of my personal electronics are apple(iPhones 7 +) unfortunately my work phone is a android note 5. (All I can say is it is a better experience than my old work phone windows ce brick phone. But with one hitch I have actually drove over my windows phone and it still worked). I have invested into the ecosystem for myself and my family and yes it’s a shiny penny up front but it pays for itself in time. Like clock work I get a new IPhone every 30 months all I due is enter my password and boom everything is on my new one. Try that with an android 
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  • Jony Ive returns to hands-on control of Apple design team

    It is my belief that he has been unavailable Because he has been working on some super secret project that will come out the first of the year. And if I’m right when they introduce it you all will say huh! We’ve wasted all this time arguing that ui is ugly