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  • Apple strikes back at Spotify's claims of unfair treatment in the App Store

    bbdroid said:
    The only reason there are no Spotify users on the 30% rate is because Spotify removed the ability to pay via Apple's payment system back in 2016. This also explains why there are relatively few (680,000) users on the 15% rate, since only long-term subscribers who haven't migrated to paying with Spotify directly are still paying via Apple.

    While it is misleading for Spotify to gloss over how the 30% rate decreases to 15% after a year, Apple's defence is even more misleading.

    If Spotify still offered payments via Apple's in-app payment system, it would undoubtedly have many more subscribers paying that way, and any new subscribers would be paying the 30% rate.

    And even though the 680,000 number is small compared to Spotify's overall paid subscription base, it is by no means insignificant.  

    680,000 users x 12 months x $12.99/month x 15% = $15,899,760

    So that means Spotify is currently paying Apple (a direct competitor) roughly $15 million a year to process some payments. And that's only for users still utilising a payment method that was discontinued 3 years ago.

    Are you bit**ing that Spotify has to pay Apple to use their service? Heck, only .5% of their users at that?
    Of course. That's what this whole issue is about. Just because the number of users is relatively small, doesn't mean that the issue becomes irrelevant. And the number of users would be much larger if payment via Apple was still a possibility for new subscribers.

    Should Spotify have to pay Apple something to use its payment system? Absolutely.
    But should it be 30%, then going to 15% after a non-stop year? I'm not so sure.

    And should Spotify be forced to use Apple's payment system if it wants to allow people to subscribe to its service from within its app? I don't think so.

    As Spotify's Daniel Ek notes, apps that provide physical products or services (like Uber or Deliveroo) can use their own payment systems. Yet apps that provide digital services (like Spotify) have to use Apple's payment system and follow Apple's rules. It's a complicated issue.
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  • ESPN app for Apple TV update adds the ability to watch four live feeds simultaneously


    Would love it if Apple could make something like this work system-wide, so you could mix content between apps.
    e.g. Being able to watch a movie on Netflix while keeping an eye on the sports scores in the corner of the screen could be very useful.
  • Pinky torture: Why the iPhone SE is a one-handed wonder, and the iPhone 6s is not

    As a fellow pinky rester, I agree that the size of the 6S and 6S Plus is just too big.  Weight is also an issue, since the heavier 6S Plus really puts the pinky finger under stress.  But as far as I'm concerned, that's the only logical way to use any iPhone one-handed.

    If the iPhone SE had feature parity with its larger cousins and had been released at the same time, then it would have been a launch day purchase for me without question.  But going back from a 6S Plus now just seems like a downgrade.

    I think Sony got it right with its recent Xperia Z5 series, announcing Compact, Standard and Premium models with the same key specs at the same time.  Choice is a wonderful thing.  I was almost tempted to jump ship.
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