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  • Powerbeats Pro up for preorder in Australia and China

    prokip said:
    Ordered a pair - straight up.  I have the Powerbeats3 and they are the best in-ear cans I have ever used. (And I have spent $KKs on IEMs in the past.)  If the Pro's are as good, they will be worth every penny.
    Mine arrived yesterday. 
    Setup took five seconds. Started playing Vienna by Ultravox (the track I’d paused earlier in the day). The fit is more secure than the last pair. The lack of a tether means they don’t get pulled when I turn my head. They’re noticeable lighter too. 

    Louder than the old Powerbeats, so watch your hearing. Siri works like a charm. I just said ‘play that again’  and I got the genius that is Midge Ure for another few minutes.

    Today, they get the heavy sweat test, but no complaints so far. 

  • Apple's WWDC keynote was about developers & software differentiation, say analysts

    How did Conversational Shortcuts not make it into the keynote?


    People have been screaming for it for years.
  • Editorial: The new Services - How will Apple Arcade's exclusivity, privacy affect Android ...

    gatorguy said:
    A better question: How will Google Stadia, its streaming video game service, affect Apple Arcade? When you compare the quality of games, Stadia will be the hands down winner. The only question is whether Google can crack the video quality and latency issues.
    No doubt impressive technology. But Stadia was designed by engineers thinking about themselves. How well does it work mobile? Does it load offline games? How do those play on $250 androids, you know the statistical middle ASP majority? 

    If it works well on premium phones, it will be yet another reason to buy a high end iPhone. If it doesn’t, it will be limited to the, say the nicer minority of  installed base of Chromebooks and $1000 Galaxy S. That’s not a platform worth targeting with anything but ads. 
    Dan, I don't think Stadia will need premium hardware to run on. A lowly $250 handset will manage. Read up on it a bit before making assumptions. 
    Well, on first blush, he appears to have done slightly more reading up than you.

    Google Stadia only works with Pixel Phones, Chromecast on TV

    Chances are that Google will severely limit the devices it can run on launch. This is common sense: there are relatively few Pixel phones out there, which means there is little chance of the servers crashing due to overloading. It'll also make it much easier to trace and fix problems if they're dealing with a limited hardware set. Once things are nice and stable, they will look at other devices.

    Your statement that 'a lowly $250 handset will manage' is, unsurprisingly unsubstantiated by any links to evidence or corroborating posts. Meanwhile, Corrections did not say that they wouldn't work, he simply posed the question how well they would work, and that is indeed a valid question. How will the service look if the games look like crap for the  vast majority who run them? Because even the vast majority of the game is being run on a server, at some point the client device will have to render the screen and play the sounds. If this leads to a poor experience then Google would certainly be better off limiting the service to devices that would show it at its best. As Corrections alluded to, we may even find that it runs best on an iPhone. You'll still be buying the subscription, or the game, or having all your data harvested for advertisers, so Google won't really care that much.

    How will the service fair in areas that don't have high-end broadband services? What happens when I'm stuck in in a tunnel on the Circle Line? How do I play during a nine-hour flight? Lots of unknowns, which is to be expected at this stage.

  • Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts to depart in April, hands mantle to Deirdre O'Brien

    Overpaid but glad she's leaving. She seemed very bright, but the reality is she turned the best retail experience ever into the DMV and basically added nothing but logistical complication. The threat of her possibly becoming CEO has me breathing a sigh of relief as she was not a good fit.

    The new head of people and retail seems like an AWFUL idea as she is basically head of HR, and now magically a master of retail?

    What would be great is if Deidre is temporary and they convince Ron Johnson to come back. He was great at this role. Apple would be lucky to get him back.
    She turned the best retail experience into the DMV? How so? 
    Probably by not being a bloke, I suspect.
  • Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts to depart in April, hands mantle to Deirdre O'Brien

    A shame, she's done a grand job with the Apple Stores and the Support arm. She went from President to VP to run Apple Retail, so I imagine when she shows up again, then she'll be running a company again.

    Oh thank god. Tim had been grooming her for the top spot and I've been fearful she'd get it
    Er, no he wasn't.

    She's older than he is, so the chances are she'd retire about the same time or sooner.