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  • Apple's iPhone repair tool kit that it rents is wheeled and weighs 79 pounds

    Obviously no one works on their own cars where you can:

    1) whip up a tool from what you have around the garage for free
    2) buy/rent the off-brand gadget that handles a few different situations on various similar cars
    3) pay hundreds/thousands for the specific tool listed in the manufacturer's official repair manual for one specific step in one specific procedure. The tool has been third-party certified under 9 different engineering standards.
  • Researchers who built rudimentary CSAM system say Apple's is a danger

    DAalseth said: It can and will be used by governments to crack down on dissent. It’s not an if but a when. It will produce false positives, it’s not an if but a when. Apple’s privacy safeguards are a fig-leaf that will be ripped off by the first government that wants to.
    Governments that want to crack down on dissent will still do so regardless of whether Apple has CSAM hash scanning or not. They have the money to hire programmers just like Apple does. 
    But they don't have the power to put any of that programming work on EVERY IPHONE IN THEIR COUNTRY.

    You can't tell me that the hash for this image won't be added to the database that is used for phones in China?

  • Users lobby 1Password to abandon new Electron version

    chadbag said:
    Honest question:   What does something like 1password offer me above what I get for free with the keychain IF I don’t care about cross platform (meaning outside of Apple) use?  I don’t care about android or windows. 

    I’m happily just using KeyChain which covers me on macOS, iOS, iPad, etc. 
    Is there any real advantage in using a dedicated password manager over the one that’s built-in?

    If you are storing your own information and that's it? Not really.

    If you have independent password stores for:

    - You (Private)
    - Spouse (Private)
    - Kid 1 (Private)
    - Kid 2 (Private)
    - Kid 1 Shared with Parents (eg, school accounts)
    - Kid 2 Shared with Parents (eg, school accounts)
    - Shared with Spouse (eg, utility/bank accounts, etc)
    - Shared with Spouse, Kid 1, Kid 2 (eg, Disney+, Netflix, etc)
    - Your Parents (also shared with your siblings) (eg, utility accounts, airlines)
    - Your Spouse's Parents (also shared with spouse's siblings) (eg, utility accounts, airlines)

    Then, yes, absolutely.
  • 'Ted Lasso' season two filming wraps, set to debut on Apple TV+ in July

    rbnetengr said:
    I was surprised by the language and adult content, because I didn’t see any warnings or alerts about it.
    You mean other than the "TV-MA | Language" that appears in the upper left before every episode?
  • reMarkable 2 review: better than iPad for notes, but nothing else

    I used to think that burying the price at the end of a review was the most annoying thing ever.
    This article made me realize it is actually #2.
    #1 is omitting the price altogether.

    (Retails for $399)