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  • Here's what you need to know about lossless Amazon Music Unlimited HD

    BxBorn said: Curious about the scale of users who would actually use this service. 
    IMO, it's mainly a sly way of getting a % of their customers to pay more for the same thing. Most people can't consistently tell the difference between 256 kbps and 16-bit/44.1 kHz in the first place. Then when you start adding in the various sound quality factors from pre-digital recordings vs digital recordings etc + the types of hardware people are using, it's largely a wash for most of the people who sign up for it.
    People can't differentiate the sound quality mainly due to two factors; low quality headphones/earbuds and DAC.
  • iPhone 7 and Apple's next Retina Display frontier: Wide Color

    foggyhill said:
    rhonin said:
    So, I looked at this article on the following:
    iPhone 6S+ 9.3.2 - red box
    iPad Mini 4 9.3.2 - red box
    rMB OS X - red box
    Nexus 6P Android 6 - red box with logo.
    Note 5 Android 6 - red box with logo

    So, what is so special about this?  Wider Color?
    Does this mean that Apple has been deliberately constraining the color before this?
    OLED has a wider gamut by default, but also TERRIBLE color accuracy on phones. Having both a wide gamut AND a totally off profile means you'll see the logo probably in the wrong color. Since content up to now was all sRgb, all videos will show in the wrong colors; pretty good though for creating a colorful striking UI.
    That's the mode people often used (used to be the default and probably still is).
    Samsung also has their own factory calibrated sRgb mode that has a much better color accuracy but still far from perfect with less contrast, brightness and since its srgb colors are also constrained.. It's not bad though and people should probably use that if they're not addicted to garish.

    If your phone's color profile is way off, even a cheap phone will show the logo.
    Doesn't mean your seeing the RIGHT colors.