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  • Apple releases iOS 11.2.2 for iPhone and iPad, supplemental macOS 10.13.2 security update ...

    slurpy said:
    The vast improvements to every aspect of Apple maps since it launched has been stunning.
    It’s 63.4MB on my iPad.  There is a 250MB limit on LTE app downloads, but I’m not allowed to download smaller ‘critical’ iOS updates?

    Apple please get your head out of your ass!
    You don't have wifi at home? I honestly don't get these kind of complaints.

    It should be possible for networks to allow security updates to be downloaded without eating into your allowance. 

    This is bigger than profit, bigger than charging for data. If we don’t get an handle on these exploits and issue patches as a matter of course (schedule to download when you’re asleep for example) then we won’t be able to trust these computers that hold all our information. 
  • Apple profiles iPad apps for World Autism Acceptance Day

    Why do my eyes always start leaking when I watch these videos?

    seriously, the iPad as a tool for autistic people is amazing, in the UK the BBC have a series called Employable Me and the first episode showed a man with autism who could speak through a tablet trying to find a job. He was assessed by a Cambridge professor and his brain was truly amazing. Self taught pianist, 3D programmer and could solve visual puzzles with ease. 

    Anything to make people's lives easier is a plus in my book. 
    ration al
  • Apple rumored to lean on Google Cloud Platform for certain iCloud services [u]

    Why does a company of Apple's repute, size and dara wharehousing have to depend on any other external IT source or company?
    It's a question of availability and scalability. Why wait months, even years to build a DC when you can utilise something that's already there? They probably already employ multiple storage providers for HA reasons, the data is encrypted so why not use it?

    It also is be easier to enable access
    to iCloud in locations where Google already have agreements for data to pass through their servers. 

    I think your question is like asking why Apple contracts out their manufacturing to Foxconn et al... They are the best at what they do at the best price and the best scalability.