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  • All of the active antitrust cases Apple is fighting around the world

    Remember in 1997, when “beleaguered” Apple (as the press always referred to them) was near-death, and Michael Dell suggested “shutting Apple down and giving the money to the shareholders?” Then Jobs returned, and the rest is history. What a journey it has been, from that failing company to a company so great, so powerful, so innovative and dominant that the world feels the need to put the brakes on it. These antitrust suits are actually a badge of honor. Of course, these countries are ultimately just haters. They know that they could never have produced anything remotely like Apple, and they resent the success of Apple and the country that did produce it.
  • Apple fires back at DOJ antitrust case, calls for immediate dismissal

    This case is nothing more than wealthy, white, middle-aged, technophobic politicians trying to look “tough on big tech.” There’s no there there. There never was. 
  • Apple's new diversity exec hails from Bank of America

    Now that the George Floyd hysteria has died down, DEI is waning, and under legal attack in many circles. Many DEI offices and positions are being reduced or even eliminated. DEI is an ideological, political viewpoint that is often just a euphemism for discrimination against whites. 
  • House passes bill saying ByteDance must sell or spin off TikTok or face a ban

    In a similar measure, some US made apps and software are banned (or in the process of being banned) in China and certain other countries.  China and Russia want use of Windows phased-out, starting with government departments and government owned enterprises.  China and Russia are likely not keen on use of Dell, HP, Apple, Cisco and other US controlled hardware.  
    Also, the US is apparently going to try to ban the use of Kaspersky antivirus, even by private American citizens. It looks like we’re heading for a world where each part of the world will have its own, insular computing systems.
  • Apple employees urge management to act on Gaza conflict

    Apple is 100% right on this one. This is an intensely political issue, with diametrically opposing views on either side. It is completely unprofessional for this sort of political controversy to enter the workplace. Imagine if Apple allowed employees to wear MAGA hats or advocate for or against the right to life while at work. This is no different.