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  • Apple TV+ versus Disney+ compared -- the streaming wars escalate

    gilly33 said:
    Now that I’ve read this article not sure I’m interested as much to jump in at launch anymore. The appeal for me is the backlog of movies from Fox and Disney. But for an ‘extra couple of dollars’ more? Hmmm. Apple hit the sweet spot with 1 year free with the purchase of a new device and I like $4.99 so unless the content absolutely sucks I’m in. Just not feeling the pull on this one.
    Apple shows I have seen so far are pretty bad,  bad enough I don’t feel like wasting anymore of my life watching them.  I watched “see” so far and “The Morning Show”.    Plus I don’t understand the app on Apple TV.   Is their not a separate app for it?  Seems to me it’s all jumbled in with the other content.  Some of the shows on Amazon Prime are good.
  • Hollywood producers talk about Apple's TV+ plans & 'The Morning Show' problems

    Netflix has become so bland,  we watch almost nothing on their.  Prime Video has a few really good shows,  but we don’t subscribe to the Prime to get Prime Video.  Apple TV,  if it can deliver quality over quantity will be much better for us personally.
  • Hollywood producers talk about Apple's TV+ plans & 'The Morning Show' problems

    $5 a month it’s worth a try.  I find it wierd that “a morning show”. Could cost $300 million,  but “See” 240 million.  Usually it’s the sci-fi that draw people in and require big budgets.   Also I will be getting this day 1.  Really wanna watch the “See”.  Looks just incredible, and visually stunning.
  • Hong Kong legislator urges Tim Cook to put 'values over profits, pls!'

    Virtue signaling is easy PR for the fanboys and  delusional NPC out in America.  Americans are so delusional they will soak up any left wing bullshit that gets thrown their way.  But in China the rules are different so their obvious desire for big profit over value becomes very self evident, and evil.
  • Goldman Sachs exec says winning customer loyalty with Apple Card more important than profi...

    The idea is making a maximum amount of money for both companies, that the sole purpose of this credit card or credit cards in general.  Let’s stop glorifying Apple and Goldman Sachs over a subpar credit card.  If they truly care about their customers it would at least be a post paid to not incurr any debt on the consumer at all.   People and their mindless stupidity about credit cards.