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  • DirecTV Now extends free Apple TV 4K offer with 3 months of prepaid service

    Has AT&T fired their entire app staff and started from scratch? Because the DirectTV NOW app was a hideous piece of hot, steaming garbage. Non-functional search with results that didn’t return if you tried one of their random results (search for this exact tearm “Dr. Who” and see what this turd returns). It was not even alpha software when I first took the plunge - that, and their actual ability to stream was non-existent. 2-10 minutes for a show to start-stutter-stop — and that was only at what looked like maybe 720p. I seriously was ready to cut Hulu+, Stars, HBO and Showtime and let DirectTV be my one and only - but Crackle has better usability, and I haven’t read anywhere above the massive improvements that would be required to get me to take another look.
  • All 2017 iPhones likely to have glass casing, stainless steel edges may be limited to high-end mode

    I believe Apple's aluminum is actually harder (mohs hardness scale) than their stainless steel. This is for their watches - not sure if they're using the same aluminum in their phone backs. Honesty, with Apple's venture into ceramic for the new watch, I wouldn't be surprised to see ceramic backs on an upcoming phone. Ceramic is ultra durable and can be made to a matte or high gloss finish that probably would resist the 'microabrasions' that the current jet black 7 phone has... I would expect ceramic to be radio-transparent as well, eliminating the need for the antenna band.
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  • FBI using Israeli firm Cellebrite to help break into San Bernardino terrorist's iPhone

    As soon as any evidence from that phone is used in any case anywhere, there'll be a defendant. The defendant's lawyer will demand "chain of custody" to see how the evidence used to accuse his(her) client was obtained. They'll demand detailed specifications on all of Cellebrite's hardware and software. If any of that is not forthcoming, the evidence will be thrown out. If it *is* revealed - to the judge, the law teams on both sides, their expert witnesses (etc.) - then it'll probably leak, and whatever the flaw is can be patched. If it doesn't leak the first time, it'll leak eventually. That's why Apple refused to create such a tool - I wonder what Cellebrite is thinking?