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  • Hands on: Apple takes aim at PC users with 9.7" iPad Pro

    appex said:
    You need a full computer like Mac (tablet, clamshell, desktop, etc) to beat a full computer like Windows.
    This is true! Just chuckling to myself at the people who disliked this comment hahahaha. Apple has found a way to sell consumption as production. Sure there is some productivity improvements but let's face it, ios needs to become osx on ipad before you can compare. Everyday users don't have much to "learn" when it comes to ipad, heck a child can do it. But when you are using multiple secure systems that are communicating with a Linux or nt system like the big boy companies need, and all this has to happen fast, all I can say is "can I please have my laptop back?! Or can I use my surface please without having to sign my surface over to my great big company? The answer is no:( working for an employer that is in bed with apple and not keeping options open for field personnel is often frusterating. 
  • Hands on: Apple takes aim at PC users with 9.7" iPad Pro

    brakken said:
    AI2xxx said:
    That article claiming the iPad Pro outperforms the Surface Pro 4 is simply false. Then there's the comparison of software and ecosystem. iOS is not a viable alternative to Windows.
    Yes. And one day ms will resurge to its natural position as God Boredom Technology and everyone will love being screwed again! Yay!

    Windows Enthusiasts compare max spec Surface against one model iPad. The rest of the world compares iPad and Surface on price, ease of use, mobility, usability, practicality, resale value, build quality, reputation, and brand image. Oh - and apps, security, reliability, personal satisfaction, services, free services that don't suddenly cost money, and an executive team that makes an effort in the fields of environmental protection, recycling, working conditions in foreign countries, renewable resources, and human dignity and basic rights.

    And double oh, a company that forces the ultra-corrupt US govt to adhere to its own constitution.

    So you are right, DED right, that there's no competition. It is simply an error that you reached the wrong conclusion. Apple has no real competition at all.

    Good luck with future trolling endeavours. 
    I use a company issued ipad air 2, and have used a company issued ipad since the ipad 2. The former factor is physically pleasing, and very futuristic. The operating system has never been great for productivity. For the last 4 years we have developed workarounds at our company and, up until recently when we went through a massive back system overhaul just to support the limitations of ios since the majority of our field teams no longer have desktop access at the workcenters, we would (and sometimes still do) have frustratingly find a PC to finish work, training, or ceritfications. So when the surface products came out I bought those for my personal and my family business use because I don't have the money that my company has to support everything that you have to do backend to support apples business experement. I've been using office, files systems, side by side multitasking, etc for years now on a tablet. I dusted off my old surface 2 8.2 Rt yesterday and sold it for $200 because I don't need it anymore and it still does more than the ipad pro minus the the pencil. I look at it as Apple is a prius, and there are other vehicles. Apple will do most of what people want it to do and look cool, but if you drive a prius everyday for work, we'll you just want to own a truck so you can tackle anything and don't have to worry about it!