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  • KGI says 'iPhone 7' won't have 'many attractive selling points,' predicts competitors to outperform

    Shoot the messenger, but chances are he's not wrong. As someone that has updated every year, I'm not very excited about the 7 after the minor update that was the 6s. Force touch? I think I've used it twice. The bump from 1GB of RAM to 2GB is really the only reason I made the switch. I don't see Apple ditching Lightning for USB-C, and after they intentionally left a USB 3.1 compatible controller out of the 9.7" iPad Pro, I don't see them putting one in the next iPhone either. So what's going to be the killer feature for the iPhone 7? Better camera? The 6s is good enough. Battery life? Doubtful if their goal is still thinner devices. A new color? No one has tried platinum yet I guess. 
    There's not much else to say here. I don't want to be negative, but it is what it is and folks are starting to realize it. WWDC is going to be crucial for Cook and Ive, so I really hope they both have something special in store. 
  • June-quarter iPhone shipments likely to disappoint on Wall Street, analysts say

    Yes, darn that massive influx of investor dollars. The long and the short of it is: AAPL is worth whatever the market says it is worth, and so far the market hasn't exactly been impressed with what it's seen lately. Apple is a solid performer and in no danger of crashing (we all know that, so please, enough with the "Apple is doomed" sarcasm. It wasn't funny three years ago, it's less so now) but the market gauges success on growth, not maintenance. Perhaps Apple is a victim of it's own success and there is very little room to grow at this point. Perhaps they are a victim of their own past ingenuity, and the market is waiting for them to launch the next big "One More Thing." In today's market, Apple has become "consistent," and while consistent is good, consistent is also McDonalds. Why do we still get the occasional Quarter Pounder because we know what to expect, and frankly, that's what post-Steve Jobs Apple has become. Again, not a bad thing as far as business goes, just further proof that we need to accept the days of Earth-shaking reality-altering announcements and sales numbers are gone, and here we find ourselves, computing in the sweet hereafter. 
  • With new Macs and OS X 10.12 on deck, WWDC 2016 could run June 13-17 [u]

    Yeah, no. If Apple is waiting for WWDC to update it's Macbook line, the sooner the better. This honestly seems like further proof, along with the stock-outs at third party retailers this morning, that the Mac lineup refreshes are coming before WWDC. 
  • Rumor: Ultrathin MacBook update coming in second half of 2016, will feature redesigned hinge

    Intel continues to have problems with their mobile Skylake chips; they've now announced that they can't handle even a modest overclock, and that if the OS doesn't leverage the advanced sleep states it can, and likely will, lead to processor damage (electron migration issues). So it's no surprise Apple isn't rushing Skylake equipped MacBooks out the door.
    What recent mobile Intel part has ever supported overclocking? The multipliers have been locked on all Intel mobile processors since the P4 line was retired, and it's not like you can water-cool a laptop anyway Falcon so I'm not sure what you're focusing on here with your criticism. Other OEM's have had no issues in regards to the processor on their Skylake-updated Thin and Lights so I'm not seeing what issues you expect Apple is having/would have with theirs.