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  • EU tax investigation concludes, Apple hammered with $14.5 billion bill

    sog35 said:
    You are wrong. There was no secret deal with Apple. Tim Cook said it himself.

    So that means you actually think that if there was a secret deal that Tim Cook would just say it? This explains so much.

    "We had a secret tax deal Ireland and you caught us"
  • Retailer Target pins missed financial goals on lackluster Apple device sales

    sog35 said:
    . Amazon is selling cheaper than anyone because their stupid Wall Street a-holes don't care if they keep losing billions every year.
    Uhhh, you keep using that word...
    Amazon Net income Full Year 2015 was $596 million

  • Pokemon GO is earning Apple's App Store 3x as much money as Nintendo

    Nice try DED. You should actually go outside and head to your local Pokestop and meet the players.

    The majority of players I have met are on an android phone. AR runs great on all of my android phones (when NIA and PTC servers are not going up in flames). Bugs and glitches on gyms not fixed from beta are another issue. Most people buying lures and eggs are android players using Google Opinion Rewards. Players like me that have $50 reward credits to buy in app items.

    But sure go ahead and quote yourself on twitter and use that as the gospel. I saw someone on twitter once say Apple was doomed. I guess cause one guy said that it must be true. Better yet I saw someone on no name tech blog say that your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate said Apple was bankrupt, so it must be true.
  • Pokemon Go rolls out to iOS App Store, available in select US locations

    tenly said:
    tokyojimu said:
    I wasn't aware that apps can be rolled out to a limited subset of US markets.
    This "game" will drive people to specific locations so presumably, they need to give their sales people a chance to make sure they have sold the rights to be a game location to as many businesses as possible within each city/market they bring online.  I wonder how much revenue that will actually generate.  Brilliant strategy.  Sure hope Apple has found a way to get 30% of it! (j/k)
    Does not work that way. Unless post offices, libraries, statues and other works of art (POI) in an area are selling stuff to people.

    The game is build on Ingress data that has already been in place for 3 years (user submitted places of interest). Their revenue will come from the wrist thing and in app purchases of EXP boosts and Pokemon lures.

  • Inside iOS 10: Apple Maps will remember where you parked your car

    Android Apple innovations are amazing. I can't wait for Apple to invent a way so I get notifications in the morning and evening about traffic delays on my commute. It will be very useful in getting around traffic. So useful that you would have thought someone would have invented this 2 years ago.