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  • Apple sent senior engineers to customer's house to investigate music deletion issue

    Look I remember when AppleMusic first launched. I was so excited for the 90 day trial to expand my music library with all those files from iTunes. I signed up quick on my Mac OSX and watched iTunes spin my hard drive scanning my music library and uploading a ton of files from my library, I had a bunch of AAC files from many artist albums that iTunes does not carry. I was a bit of a AAC file snob, trying to keep every possible MP3 file out of my iTunes library. Then AppleMusic was just chugging away, uploading all kinds of stuff, cpu running off the rails and I though what was going on? I run a separate directory sync application for backing up my files outside of any Apple ecosystem I ran a directory scan of my iTuens library and compared the directory against my back up in ReadOnly mode. To my surprise iTunes was ripping all my music to MP3 format, uploading a bunch of MP3 files, and then yes deleting my ACC file leaving MP3 file in the place. I restored my iTunes library from the back up, turned off iTunes music in OSX for the first two months and ran AppleMusic only from my iPad. I am certain at that time, sharing my music across all my Apple device meant that they were ripping MP3 file for track iTuens/AppleMusic could not find and uploading them to the AppleMusic cloude, which meant all my other devices downloading these files were only getting .mp3 files??? Any how many, many months later I turned AppleMusic back on for my Mac iTunes. So far it has been working as expected, but I always keep a full back up of my iTuens library and files from before AppleMusic, but its like a 80GB anchor of data I have to keep around somewhere. Bad software, bad user interface, user error? I am pretty sure I never saw a dialog that said "AppleMusic would like to trash you iTunes library. Proceed? [Yes][No]"