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  • Apple being sued because two-factor authentication on an iPhone or Mac takes too much time...

    As someone who works in the field if information security, the lack of foresight on some of these replies is incredible. 

    Nearly every one one of the scenarios presented in the comments is addressed in the Apple support document about 2FA:


    2FA isn’t perfect, but it’s heck of a lot better than just a password. Even if you use a complex unique password for your Apple ID, 2FA provides an additional layer of security if there’s a compromise. Most end users don’t think about information security best practices until a compromise has already occurred. This lawsuit is a waste of any courts time.
  • Comcast appears to be skipping Apple TV Xfinity app in favor of Roku

    I have two Apple TV Gen4, 1 Apple TV Gen 3, and a Roku stick.  The Roku gets the job done, but it's no Apple TV.

    For those concerned about other vendors dropping apps for the Apple TV, keep in mind that most of them, because they are free, are already universal apps that are basically the same app for Apple TV/iPhone/iPad in a combined application bundle.  The development costs are nil at that point to keep the Apple customers happy with an app that provides access.

    Comcast is a horrible company.  More than likely Roku made a deal with Comcast to share user data with them.  It's no secret that Roku makes their money off of user data provided by their customers in terms of viewing habits, etc.  I believe every app has to make user information available in order to get their app approved in their store, though I may not be describing the terms 100% accurately.  Apple probably has no desire to give up the treasure trove of information that Roku is willing to provide.  That being said I don't blame them, they have to make money somehow considering their product is very inexpensive.
  • A new iPod Touch is coming soon, if the rumor mills are correct

    iPod touch is a great device. Glad to hear it will most likely be updated. A model with 512 GB would be optimal for many folks who like to load their entire library onto their device.

    It probably won’t have a headphone jack. What Apple really needs to do is come out with an improved dongle that provides both a lightning port for charging and a 3.5mm headphone port. Having to use a dongle isn’t  an issue for me, but not being able to charge and use my cheap headphones at the same time often is. The third party products that do this are not reliable. This wouldn’t have to be included in the box, but just having this as an official accessory would make a lot of users happy that aren’t on the Bluetooth headphone train yet
  • MacBook Pro keyboard silicone eases but doesn't solve dust ingress issue

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    MacBook Pro party at the beach! Tomorrow after work, who's down?
    While that was a funny comment, I think it's fair to say the scissor mechanism was more reliable. Several people had to go back three times because of dust in their keyboard? I never heard stories like these with the old keyboard. Also, don't recall Apple having a program to fix those old keyboards and three class action lawsuits about them. I figure keyboard redesigns should be more relabel, not less so. But look: thinner, and thinner!!
    Sure, scissors mechanism are bullet-proof.  Who the hell needs anything other than that?
    The scissors mechanism wasn’t bulletproof by any means. Take it from someone (me!) who managed the team that made the repairs at a higher ed institution. We had a lot of keyboard replacements - some due to abuse, some due to wear and tear.
  • Apple cutting off payment source changes for older versions of iOS, macOS & Apple TV

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    So Windows 7, which was first released in 2009 and lost mainstream support in 2015, still gets extended support from Microsoft and Apple iTunes. Hmmm…
    If Apple is still willing to support iTunes on Win7 I would assume that it's because there's still a substantial number of iTunes users on that platform. I have no numbers but I'd assume that Win7 with iTunes installed would outnumber all versions of macOS in use today.
    And most Win7 users do not have the security expectations that most Apple device users demand
    In my experience and from my vantage point very few users are really concerned about security, but do you think that's the reason Apple is supporting Win7 over there simply being a lot of Win7 users out there?
    I would imagine Apple still supports iTunes on Windows 7 because its an officially supported operating system by Microsoft that's still updated monthly, sometimes weekly, and there are still a large number of Windows users who have iOS devices, iTunes Music Library's, or Apple Music subscriptions.  XP and Vista are out of support by both Microsoft and Apple.