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  • Google Pixel revealed by resellers, shows remarkable similarity to iPhone design

    Uhh no. There are more OLEDs on phones in circulation than iPhones. Apple makes their money using old technology which can be purchased for cheap, then optimizing their software to run on these cheap machines that sell at a premium. HTC and Apple signed an agreement, which allows for the companies to copy each other, which is why so may iPhones have been adopting HTCs look. I just hope the new phone comes with HTCs DAC, which offers the best sound quality of any phone on the market. While iOS is more efficient on cheaper machines, I still gravitate to Android for its Customizability, versatility, and flexibility. I also don't like the idea of being trapped in an ecosystem, people should be allowed to chose default apps, and not have them chosen for them. I do hope that Apple learns that people are different, think different, and not just a bunch of lemmings.
  • Eric Schmidt says he uses an iPhone, but claims to prefer Samsung's Galaxy

    As I am now leaving Apple, I was so happy to get rid of my iPhone 6s+ and trade it in for a Samsung S7 Edge. While I did need to do some tinkering, like change the theme, and download nova launcher, the phone has been freaking awesome. Notification that disappear when you access the app, or do things like view Facebook from a web browser. A back button that does not disappear when you lock the phone, multi screen, solid build, better fit in the hand, better implementation of widgets, place icons anywhere I want to on the screen, less used apps can just stay in the app drawer to avoid clutter, etc etc. I am very happy with my choice, though I understand that there are many who love the iPhone, and I even understand why, though excuses like better apps, better ecosystem are just plane lame. With an iPhone you just turn it on and go to town... there is no need to customize, tight integration with other Apple products, etc. My girlfriend got my 6S+ and is very happy with it, she flirts with getting the same device as mine, but I caution her to play with my phone first before making the decision to jump. If Eric Schmidt likes the iPhone better, he should just own up to it. Alphabet (Google), is a very open company where technology is concerned... You can see people using a mixture of products even on the same team. Seeing groups of people using Macs, Windows, and Linux side by side is not unheard of.
    apple v. samsung