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  • 2017 iPad vs. iPad Air 2 vs. iPad Air: What's new and different in Apple's latest tablet?

    tyrann said:
    Will wait for reviews to confirm the 2GB ram and how much a difference the increased battery capacity makes on the new processor. If it does indeed have 2GB ram and more than 10 hours battery then i may finally upgrade from my iPad 2 lol.
    This ^  Everyone denies it, but the biggest differentiator on iOS in day to day performance is RAM (and actually has been for a while). 1GB = Crawl when switching between apps. 2GB or 3GB (12 inch Pro) = Lightening Fast.
  • The easy guide to switching from Windows to Mac

    thedba said:
    I'd be much more interested in a description of the reverse switch since I just bought a used Dell workstation for video and photo editing. I maxed it out with components I'd not even be able to put in a Mac, with the exception of an outdated Mac Pro. This is after 25 years of exclusive Mac usage. Back in the day the Mac was a serious offer for people like me. Nowadays I'd pay a multitude for an inferior Apple machine. It's probably my mistake to expect a smart phone company to deliver powerful stationary computers for creative professionals like I ;)

    As far as you paying more for a Mac than a similar Windows machine, that's an ancient myth. 
    Try speccing a similar windows laptop for example, with SSD onto PCIe with same amount of memory etc. And you'll find out that Macs are very well priced. Tried it also with MS surfacebook and found it to be more expensive than a similar MBP. 

    It was a myth in 2010, but now it's very true. There are plenty of laptops that are as good as, or surpass the MBP in almost every way and cost less. I'm on a 2014 MBP and it was probably the last device from Apple to be truly worth the premium.

    I now have a SP4 that I am using more and more... I'll be very sorry to leave Mac behind (which I haven't done yet, actually typing on it now) but Apple have shown zero interest in providing truly powerful machines for professional use.
  • Apple says hidden Safari setting led to flawed Consumer Reports MacBook Pro battery tests

    kenc said:
    So CR turned off the browser cache...d'oh!
    Doh? They do it to simulate browsing many websites (not the same ones over and over again) - this is standard for testing battery life or even browser performance and comparing with other machines with the same settings. There was a bug in Safari that meant some images were rendered over over again killing battery life.

    If you read the article (challenging I know) you'll notice Apple has issued a fix for this bug. CR will not change their testing approach.