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  • Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad order delays fuel speculation about new model for iMac ...

    FFS Apple... BACKLIT KEYS!!!!

    Any other reason is bull crap.
    I agree !!!! I have the original small magic keyboard and I hate it. It came with my iMac and I used it for one day. Put it back in the box and up on a shelf and went out and purchased the wired full sized keyboard. I use the numeric pad all the time. I want a full sized Apple Keyboard with Backlit KEYS!!!!! I don't care if it is wired or wireless.
  • Ford, Toyota herald new members on board with Apple CarPlay-opposing industry group

    "They are not trying to go against CarPlay", "Most of these companies are doing this in addition to offering CarPlay."
    Sorry you are incorrect.  Toyota has already announced that it will not support CarPlay directly.  Even Ford currently is planning on supporting both.

    "For those of you basing your auto purchase on CarPlay, don't.  At the moment its very gimmicky. "
    That's your opinion.  I personally like it very much.  And my car purchases going forward will support either or both of Apple's and Google's offerings directly.

    "Unless the car offers wireless car play, don't choose a car that is inferior in other categories just to get standard CarPlay or you may end up be disappointed that you did."
    This applies no matter what even to the open source version.  So it is not a valid argument either way.  There is a much greater chance of this happening from Apple and Google then the open source version as the Apple and Google version will be several versions ahead of the open source version.

  • With Apple abandoning AirPort, here are the best alternative Wi-Fi routers for Mac users

    The idea of this article is great and just what I was looking for.  I was hoping for an update to the AE as mine is at least 6 years old and I would to take advantage of the latest WiFi tech (not that I have ever had a problem with my current AE).   

    But this article is missing a few things to the point that it is pretty useless.  It needs to answer the following questions in order to raise it from just a click-bait article to something that is actually useful.
    1) Which of these routers are actually compatible with time machine.
    2) Which WiFi protocols do they support. (This was only mentioned in one of the reviews and only in passing).
    3) What about performance testing ?  I want to know which ones actually meet the marketing spiel in the real world.
    4) Do they get frequent updates to the firmware ?  And how easy are the updates to apply ?

    I have probably left out a few questions but without these answers then this article is completely useless to me.

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