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  • Apple announces thinner MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Touch ID, USB-C ports starting at $1799

    Also sad to see the light up Apple logo go. 
    I'm also sad to see it go also.  
  • Plex Cloud beta launches, uses Amazon Drive subscription to store user media

    rob53 said:
    Not me. Why would I want to pay for Amazon cloud storage when I already have access to my local Mac for media storage? I also can stream all purchased media from iCloud and that storage is free. I know there are some people who hate iTunes but why would I want to pay for another media streaming app when I can get one for free?
    Why? 1. Because your local Mac always has to be on or signed into the correct account. No worries with cloud. 2. Some people have other media not purchased from iTunes. If you're happy with Apple iTunes, no one is forcing you to change. But isn't is great there are other options?
    [Deleted User]
  • Apple officially ditches headphone jack for Lightning, will include adapter in iPhone 7 box

    zmas said:
    Remember when you could charge your phone and listen to music at the same time?
    Remember when no one did that, ever.
    Expect for those of us that it all the time.
    Not trying to troll here but I'd really like to know how many people do this? In what scenario? I can't think of any time that I've had my phone charging and wanted to be attached to it listening to music. When I'm at home, if I want to listen to music, I turn on my stereo or play music through my Mac. There is also my iPad. I already have a pair of BT headphones, so I guess if there was something on my phone that I needed to listen to, I can do it wirelessly. If I'm on the road and charging from a battery pack, I guess that would be a situation where maybe, I'd like to listen to music while charging. But then again, I also carry my BT buds with me in my backpack cause they are what I use most of the time and when I'm at the gym.
  • Frank Ocean releases new album 'Blonde' as Apple Music exclusive

    xmhillx said:
    Frank Ocean. 

    It's ok if you've never heard of him. The entertainment industry is full of talented, award-winning folks across many genres who appeal to different audiences. Many of whom I've never heard of either.
    Exactly. If you've never heard of him or don't know who he is, then you really don't know much about the music scene. In the time it took for you to post "Who", you could have Googled his name and not have to celebrate your ignorance. Sorry for the rant but people that post "who" or "never heard of" are just self righteous morons.