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  • Neil Young rails against 'Fisher-Price' MacBook Pro audio for music production

    Sorry, Neil, no technology in the world will make your whiny-a** singing sound good.
  • Ronald D Moore talks about bringing 'For All Mankind' to Apple TV+

    Really hoping that Amazon gets going on Iain M. Banks' Culture series of SciFi books.  Talk about a universe with "legs" for years and years of movies and TV series.  And Stephen Baxter - that writer's imagination is simply off the charts.  And then there's Alastair Reynolds, with his Revelation Space universe.  There's so much detail to his stories that I've re-read some of his books three times just to get my head around them.  Yet, for some reason, all we get are Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator and Alien / Predator endless sequels plus the mess that is Marvel, and now this one.
  • Apple issues version of watchOS 5.3.2 to support Apple Watch Series 4

    What is that people say about Apple's planned obsolescence strategy?

    I agree. Good move by Apple to prolong the life and usefulness of their devices in this way. 
    Well, it's selective.  I have an "Early 2013 Macbook Pro" that can be upgraded to the latest MacOS Catalina, albeit with some features (Sidecar) not working, whereas my late 2014 iPhone 6 can't upgrade to iOS 13, and because of that, the Series 4 watches that we bought last year are also stuck in the previous major release until we get new iPhones.
  • Apple releases iOS 13.1.2, iPadOS 13.1.2, watchOS 6.0.1 updates

    I'm finding that iPadOS 13 isn't working as well when it comes to screen rotation.  For example, I can lift up my iPad and the screen is upside down.  I have to turn it to portrait and then back to landscape for it to be right side up.  I never had this problem with the earlier iOS releases.  I also notice that my mail works different than before.  My mailbox is full of spam, so I basically touch the bottom one and work my way up deleting them one by one (every now and then, I have some legit mail).  The new mail doesn't highlight each message as I delete them, but it shows the message in the right pane.
  • watchOS 6 for Apple Watch is now available to download

    I have a Series 4 watch but an iPhone 6, which doesn't support iOS 13.  How will I update my watch?