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  • Samsung mocks iPhone 14 in latest ad campaign

    No one cares of who has the best phone anymore. It’s not like it used to be. More people buy Apple products period and have the highest buying retention of any manufacturer in the world. And that’s Apple. Getting involved with feature vs feature is not like it used to be. People will buy the 14 and won’t look back. People will buy Samsung and won’t consider an iPhone. I used to be the geeked out benchmark phone guy. There is no reason for it. Just enjoy the phone you have. 
  • Apple & Bain complete $18B acquisition of Toshiba memory chip unit

    This makes for a great investment for Apple as I believe NAND chip costs are rising as I believe Apple now can control better distribution, availability, but most importantly better margin on their products. Controlling NAND chips allows Apple this flexibility. 
  • Apple planning to ditch Intel chips in Macs for its own custom silicon in 2020

    This means that ARM has almost caught x86. We can expect the A11X to be significantly greater in performance over the A11. I would guess and say at least 40-50% improved. In which this sets the stage for the A12, A12X, then to the A13/A13X (2020), in which Apple will rename the processors differently. My guess by 2020 we should expect at least 6500-7500 single core with a multiscore of 45,000-50,000. This is bound to happen...
  • Apple said to unveil 'iPhone 8,' 'iPhone 7s' and more at Sept. 12 event

    I wanted to chime in regarding pricing...Apple will not reduce the price of the 7S/7S Plus. That is why they have the 7/7 Plus that is still selling very well in place of their value lineup...

    Prediction says:

    7 = 32gb $549 / 128gb $649 / (no 256gb)
    7 Plus = 32gb $649 / 128gb $749 / (no 256gb)

    7S = 32gb $649 / 128gb $749 / 256gb $849
    7S Plus = 32gb $769 / 128gb $869 / 256gb $969

    iPhone Edition/8/X = 64gb $999 / 256gb $1099 / 512gb $1199

    i believe these will be the price points will take place. I say about 95% accurate.

    Apple does not need to lower the prices on their phones. They have a commanding lead by each single Android manufacturer in the "smartphone space"...Samsung sells more phones, but they pull in less money per handset...
  • Apple's 'iPhone 8' to replace Touch ID home button with 'function area,' start at $1,000

    Yes not only is this going to resemble touchbar, but it will be used as scrubbing and scrolling through pages as well. It will be similar to the touchpad.