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  • Samsung stops shipments of 'exploding' Galaxy Note 7 phones

    What's hilarious to me here is, where is Forbes with their Samsung loving staff on this topic. Hey guys it's a MASSIVE problem. No seriously this time! Side bar: If Apple so much as has a noted bug description on a software update it points to a "MASSIVE underlying problem at Apple". 
    Massive is the latest goto word when there is nothing to write about in tech. So what exactly would this be? I Would have guessed they would be all over it for clicks if nothing else. Ah yes the free pass. Why? Because Samsung doesn't exactly beat apple, they just rush to be first to say they did it: it's bigger, it's better and Has this amazing hardware spec that nobody can stack up against, and oh, don't bother being patient. You can have it all right now. 

    Perhaps this is why iPhones hold thier value so well?
    could this happen to Apple? Perhaps. But then again,  You get what you pay for folks. Yes Apple makes mistakes, but at least basic build quality is still the first priority. Samsung just takes reverse engineering and intellectual theft waaaaaay to much to heart.
    This is what they get trying to be first to launch and hoping to snatch would be 7plus customers....The epitome of "Poetic justice". I think the one thing they need to understand is that consumer trust is earned, not bestowed. The Haters don't get that part either. 

    Samsung once proudly said how some companies are "new" to the phablet market and they were the most experienced in this area. If these handsets are truly this dangerous, it makes me pause and wonder how any company with this much market share could be so negligent. Yes their panel technology is outstanding in many areas but they need to stop caring about being first to launch and care more about real innovation which in turn means quality control. This type of fail is why I won't buy anything Samsung ever again. My first Samsung phone also overheated on my bed once with an Oem charging cord. Never ever again. This isn't about android vs iOS. This is about the consequences of a company that takes the cheaper, faster route as a rule. 

    calikevin kee