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  • Touch ID on iMac's Magic Keyboard won't work with iPad Pro

    sigma902 said:
    Apple considers Face ID to be 10x more secure than Touch ID (1 in 100,000 strangers have similar enough fingerprints to unlock, versus 1 in a million people have a similar enough face [not counting identical twins, between young children or close blood relatives]). Therefore Touch ID would be a downgrade from expected security for an iPad Pro. iPads due to their portability compared to an iMac are likely to encounter more evildoers and need greater security standards. 
    Crazy idea, what if people wanted to require both Face ID and Touch ID for better security? An identical twin would be very unlikely to have matching fingerprints. Obviously I don't think that support is there but now that this keyboard exists it is possible to do in a future iPadOS version.
  • Apple's iOS 13.1 is now available for your iPhone and iPod touch

    dank4ak said:
    “Install now” - greyed out

    “iPhone will try to install this update later tonight”
    Is your iPhone plugged in? Or does it have at least 50% battery? Is it on WiFi?
    I have the same issue. I am on Wi-Fi(although it is downloaded already) and I am at 81% battery and on the wireless charging stand. 

    Update: I just went in and closed all apps and now the update is running. Something in the background was apparently keeping it from updating. I am not sure what it was, I had things like Waze running and so maybe that? But it is fixed after closing all other apps anyways.
  • Belkin announces simultaneous Lightning headphone and charging adapter for iPhone 7

    Seems like they should have a model that builds the 3.5mm dongle into it at least... At $40 it seems better to just buy the Apple dock for $50, you can plug your headphones into it and charge at the same time. At least for my use case(desk at work) that would be best.
  • Apple officially ditches headphone jack for Lightning, will include adapter in iPhone 7 box

    sflocal said:
    zmas said:
    Remember when you could charge your phone and listen to music at the same time?

    No, because I never listen to it while it's charging.  It usually means it's plugged in somewhere in my house or office, which also means I'm near my computer (as most would be) so it's irrelevant.

    Oh... you're a special person where you plug your phone in and have zero options to be near your computer, or just cannot fathom to be disconnected from your phone for even an hour to get a decent charge that you have a hissy-fit and tech-withdrawals?  So sad to be you.
    Yes, because corporate IT departments allow you to install iTunes...not so much. I have no interest in using my work computer for any software like iTunes etc. I charge my phone while at my desk and listen to music ALL day while also charging it. Just because you can't fathom this particular workflow doesn't mean that a large group doesn't do exactly that.
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