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  • Apple explains Apple Card application process, offers suggestions for those who were decli...

    Here the passive voice rejection letter btw (missing a comma):

    Thanks for your interest in Apple Card. Goldman Sachs Bank USA has received your application and it was unable to be approved.

    If you still want to apply for the Apple Card please re-attempt your application.

    If you'd like to learn more about this decision, please contact Goldman Sachs Bank USA by chat or phone or by mail at the address below within 60 days.
    It’s possible you already have too many credit cards? Also possible you were part of the Equifax hack?
    I tried again a few hours later and was approved with a $20,000 limit and 12.99% rate. Something was off with their system earlier today. 
  • Apple explains Apple Card application process, offers suggestions for those who were decli...

    I just applied and got an immediate non-acceptance. None of the above apply to me. Credit score of 830. No late payments on anything for years.  Good salary. Haven’t applied for a new CC in years. Long credit history. 

    I guess I’ll call and see what they say.  Wish me luck. If you’re in the same boat, it’s not just you. 
  • Apple quietly bought $17B more after record high $24B Q2 stock repurchase [u]

    Interesting to think that Apple could have been this generation's Berkshire Hathaway.  Instead of buying billions of dollars worth of Apple shares each quarter, they could just as easily have purchases shares in Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, etc.  In short order they would have enough stake in those companies have seats on the board.  My understanding is that this practice is (was?) standard practice in Japan, so all the major industrial companies were closely linked.  On net, I expect it's a good thing that this isn't the practice in the US, but it's interesting to think about.
  • Apple quietly bought $17B more after record high $24B Q2 stock repurchase [u]

    dysamoria said:
    They should buy it all back and delist. Getting off the gambler’s market would result in far more stability.
    Apple doesn’t have the trillion dollars that would require. As it bought up its stock, the value of the remaining shares would go up, so the actual cost of taking AAPL private would be higher than its current market cap. 
    Sorry if someone else already answered this on page 2, but it's a common misconception that a company can take itself private.  It cannot.  When a company is taken private is because some set of investors (perhaps the executives of the company) buys up all the available shares.  So, theoretically someone (or a consortium of people) with a trillion dollars (or the resources to borrow that sum, give or take a few hundred billion) could take Apple private, but Apple can't buy it's last share and own itself.
  • Apple Card is here, find out all you need to know

    rob53 said:
    I'm still getting one and will get rid of my extra cards I've kept to keep my credit card history higher.
    You probably know this, but don’t cancel your oldest card. One of the factors that goes into your credit rating is the length of time you’ve had you’ve earliest line of credit. To max out the points the age has be something like an absurdly long thirty years.