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  • Apple escalating use of Intel modems for 'iPhone 8' - report

    ktappe said:
    Metriacanthosaurus said:

    Latency is a far bigger problem than actual bandwidth these days. The focus should shift to improving that.

    Agree, but the current administration is working to strip the FCC from any monitoring or oversight of networks. So don't count on the issue being resolved anytime soon.

    I never looked to the FCC to improve the quality of service or bandwidth or speed of mobile networks.  That's what market competition is for, right?
    Well I think the FCC is supposed to ensure that market competition indeed focuses on that instead of a race to the bottom to see who screws over their customers least. (selling customer data and other weird practices)
  • Editorial: The future of Apple's Macintosh

    lmac said:
    Self fulfilling prophecy. Macs are not upgraded because demand is low. Demand is low because Macs are not upgraded. Apple doesn't care about its 20 billion dollar Mac business, because it has a 150 billion dollar phone business. But I think this is short sighted. Apple could gain a lot of respect and r&d experience by continuing to advance the most powerful and easiest to use computers in the world. That's worth more than just money.
    While it is hard to see what Apple is actually doing under the surface I do have to agree with some of the sentiment in this. When Jobs ran Apple (bear with me) he probably knew that selling routers, displays and all sorts of secondary equipment wasn't going to make them much profit. He probably knew this but still went ahead with it because providing all of the bricks that you need to build your Lego garden ensures that you don't even have to start looking at the competition for answers. When my amazingly designed Apple features fail because my shoddy Wifi router fails me it still feels like my Apple product failed me even when that isn't the case. Having products and services that seamless integrate with one another seemed to be their guiding principle yet it feels like it couldn't be further away these days. Seemingly discontinuing products like Apple displays, airport routers, MacMini and MacPro just because they might not be making enough profit seems to stand in contrast with that previous sentiment.

    While most of this is speculation since neither I nor anyone here on the site (probably) cannot see into the minds of Apple management, this is what I as a customer see and feel. If indeed the article is right and Apple is starving groups of consumers with intent then they are playing a dangerous game, because once you lose a market completely (especially a pro market) it will become hard for Apple to convince users to return just like that.
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  • Exploit hidden macOS and app features with the Option key

    Interesting read, I never knew about the extra options on the wifi and bluetooth menus.