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    I have been a serious runner for over 40 years. The last 25 years I have used a HRM for scientific training data. Most of those years required wearing a chest strap, which I hate. They are uncomfortable, often slip, require semi-often battery replacement, and I think they may restrict breathing a little during high stress runs. Imagine my delight when Apple announced they would come out with a strapless fitness watch! I waited until series 2 came out and dropped my $400. I have been a huge Apple fan since 1985 when my first Mac Plus showed me how much more pleasant computing can be. But this Apple watch for me has been a terrible disappointment. I have found its ability to accurately record HRs is inconsistent and not at all accurate. It sometimes won't display an HR for a whole run. It is always turning on and off for any run. I don't think I ever completed one with a single string of data. For my intense physical training sessions, whenever I switch from a slower paced activity to a high intensity one, the HR goes blank. I worked for a couple of weeks with Apple Help and the technicians were very knowledgeable and friendly, but at the end of trying to get mine to work for me pretty much decided it is me and the way I work out. We tried just about every trick you can dream up to get it to work for me. So guess what. I now have a chest strap again. Even it is a little funky with how it works with Apple. I have to turn bluetooth off in my 7+ or the phone tries to take over the strap's data feed, though I don't know where it stores it. If the watch is receiving the data, it is very accurate and immediate. My Apple Watch Series 2 feels and acts like an early beta product; not something ready for prime time.