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  • Apple debuts affordable 13" MacBook Pro model, axes 11" MacBook Air

    Hmmm... A MBP that's over 500$ more expensive than the Air, AND which they also functionally crippled, by getting rid of all the old ports/connections?

    And what's the upside here? Instead you get 2 (useless) USB C ports, except one of them also has to be used for charging? 

    LOL! I think I'll pass, and so will most other customers. Wake me up when you make a laptop, Apple, instead of a crippled, 1 port, glorified iPad...
  • Apple announces thinner MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Touch ID, USB-C ports starting at $179...

    Dumb, dumb, dumb...

    Now don't get me wrong, it's it all bad. The new Touch Bar is a great idea (though with a stupid name, too easy to confuse with a touchpad!) Love the implementation and the possibilities it brings.

    Also great to get new CPUs in the MacBook Pro who have fallen way behind. The storage speeds seem amazing.

    But there is so much they messed up with this new MacBook.

    1: The focus is wrong.
    It's what... 15% thinner and 20% ligther? WHO CARES?!? It's not a MacBook Air, and we've long gotten past the point of thin enough and light enough.

    This is supposed to be a machine for professionals, and I don't know any MBP owner who wouldn't choose longer battery life or something else useful, rather than shave off 2mm of height or 15% weight of a 3 pound laptop.

    2: Only 2 ports.
    Again, keep in mind that this is supposed to be a machine for professionals. Who on earth approved that the bottom tier model only has 2, that's right: T W O USB ports?!? And these ports are the only one on the machine! Want to hook up your MBP to the Ethernet while it's charging and connected to your phone? Tough, you can't! Not unless you upgrade to a more expensive model.

    3: Too few ports.
    The bigger models have 4 USB C ports, which is an improvement, but still woefully lacking. What was the point of removing all the old ports from the MBP? Making it a mm or two thinner? As I said: Dumb!

    Apple took a machine for professionals, axed all the ports that professional users actually use, and replaced them with only 4. And to make it even worse, they chose a replacement port that 95% of people don't use or have.

    So how am I supposed to hook the new MBP up to an Ethernet cable? Or a monitor? Or get sound in and out? 

    Apples vision of the future is one where people carry around laptop that's 15% lighter. And an extra pound or two of adapters and USB C cables... Dumb!