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  • Samsung's $700 Smart Monitor M8 borrows Apple's multi-colored iMac style

    “Borrows” 🙄
  • If you updated your HomePod to 13.2, do not reset it or remove it from the Home app

    Any word from Apple on when they foresee to issue a fix. I have the 13.2 version downloaded but not installed (I was lucky to switch off the automatic updates just in time) so everything still works fine under the previous version. Wonder if I will have to get rid of the previous download before being able to download the corrected version ... if so, how would you do that ?
  • Apple automatically uploading iPhone call logs to iCloud, forensics firm says [u]

    sog35 said:
    avon b7 said:
    sog35 said:

    I'm sick and tired of Tim Cook's stance on privacy.

    The hell with privacy. The truth is 99% of the population don't care about privacy. They just want a good product at a good price.

    Its time for Apple to go head first into Advertising and Data collection ala Facebook/Google.

    But one of Cook's pillars is privacy, so he would have egg whites all over his face.

    That's why Cook needs to be replaced with a savy, practical, and ruthless CEO.  Cook is more fit to be a CEO of a non-profit or charity organization. His stance on privacy has literally costed Apple HUNDREDS of BILLIONS in profits.

    Cook has all these pie in the sky ideals - privacy, diversity, gay rights, ect. Fine and dandy. But a CEO of the worlds most powerful company should not have its hands tied because of following those ideals. Cook should keep his personal values SEPERATE from the corporations values. All Apple should be about is providing the BEST PRODUCTS and SERVICES.......period.  If this means less diversity, less privacy, ect. so be it.
    Personal and Corporate values may overlap. Privacy is a fundamental right. Protecting privacy isn't only a question of values but legislation. The problem is that legislation will always trail technological advances. Just look at the problem of drones and privacy. 
    But Apple customers don't give 2 sheets about privacy.

    90-95% of iOS users either are on Facebook or use Google services. That is a FACT.

    Yet Apple sacrifices literally TENS of BILLIONS of dollars because of their ridiculous stance on privacy.

    IMO, I'd rather have Apple be the custodian of my information than Google/Facebook. I want Apple to start their versions of Facebook/Google so they can rake in BILLIONS and also keep that data away from Google/FB.

    Bottom line is people will be using social media and sites that require data collection. With or without Apple. So it makes ZERO sense for Apple to be stubborn and not participate. 

    Cook is actually hurting iOS customers because he is forcing them to use Google/FB instead of an Apple run equilvelent.

    Cook is stuck with 1995 thinking. Data collecting is not evil. Adversting is not evil. As long as the data is kept safe and anonymous its fine. People are willing to sacrifice some privacy for awesome services that make their life more productive and enjoyable. Its time for Apple to wake up and stop their extreme privacy stance.
    Where do you get your facts and stats ? Apple client and shareholder here and I respectfully and completely disagree with your pov. You're obviously entitled to your opinion and if you are really convinced that Cook needs to go, then buy enough shares to go to the next shareholder meeting and vote him out.
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